W+K Tokyo

Enjoy the Pressure?

W+K Tokyo and Nike Japan cranked out a JDI ad over the weekend to celebrate Japan’s presence in the World Series. In game 3, Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka became the first Japanese pitcher to start a World Series game. The first batter he faced from the Rockies was his former teammate on the Seibu Lions, Kaz Matsui who promptly hit a double. Congrats Red Sox. Congrats Japan.

(English Translation)
Enjoy the Pressure. That’s an interesting thought. How can a person actually enjoy pressure? It makes people squirm and palms sweaty. Hearts race and muscles tense up. Fear and nervousness are common side-effects. Pressure is not a nice thing. But you know what? There are some out there that wouldn’t have it any other way. Bring it on. They feed off pressure, thrive off it, because without pressure they’d never get better. They need it to push themselves further than they or anyone else for that matter thought they could go. And when you enjoy the screams, the camera flashes, the press, the naysayers and everything else that goes along with it and you make it to the top. You can sit back, smile and say, “Thanks pressure. I owe you one.”