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Backblog: LIJIANG

This dates back a couple months, but we all have to remember a place and moment where we were (almost) entirely removed from emails, mobiles, faxes, fedex, laptops, conference calls, work work work. It was all just about us together for Founder’s Day with the Shanghai office to celebrate the 25th year of WK. And the magic place was Lijiang (heaven) and we were all under its spell, at least for a few days.

[qt://www.zongy.org/FD25.470p.mov 470 329]

Where is heaven?


Last week Nike launched a campaign in Asia for LeBron’s new shoe. W+K Tokyo created a TV spot and print for the LBJ V that focuses on the path LeBron has taken to get to where he is today. The end leaves us looking forward to what will come next from the 22 year-old. The creative team was Driscoll + Hutch, the spot was directed by The Hughes Brothers and the print was shot by Jeff Riedel. The campaign is currently running in Asia Pacific and the TV spot will also air in the US next week with a different voiceover.

W+K + Kokoku Hihyo Special Issue

For their September issue, Kokoku Hihyo devoted the entire magazine on the W+K global network in celebration of W+K’s 25th anniversary. Everything from the history of W+K, to office tours, to interviews, to work from each office can be found in here. The cover also has some nice bling to it!