W+K Tokyo

Artist: Yuko Kondo

昨日、W+Kオフィスにロンドン在住のアーティスト、近藤有稿Yuko Kondoさんが遊びに来てくれました。日本でも多方面に活動をなさっているので、彼の作品をすでにご存知な方も多いかもしれません。最近ではW+K アムステルダム オフィスとコークのキャンペーンで活躍してくれました。またアニメーションを制作されたりと、幅広くディレクション的なお仕事も沢山なされているようです。彼がどんな作品をつくっているのかはココ。また遊びにきてください。

Japanese artist Yuko Kondo from London came by the office yesterday. He recently did some illustrations for Coke through our Amsterdam office. He’s done a wide range of work internationally, and has also expanded his interest to animation. Thanks for stopping by Yuko.


近藤さんのブック:Too Fat, Can’t Fly -プロレスラーキャラ、かなりいい味です。



Speaking of Uncle Ted, earlier this year he broke his collarbone skating right about the time we were coming up with ideas for Nike Tokyo City Attack. So we decided to use his x-ray as one of the executions.

The line says “Asphalt over grass.”

Yesterday Danger Yukawa finally got the screws taken out and we’re happy to report that he’s doing fine.

On The Road

Scott (Nike client) Shig and Philip. Having some fun at a recent television shoot in China.


Mutatis Mutandis

In Tokyo, you can always find inspiration on every corner at every second. Last night a few of us checked out the “Mutatis Mutandis” art show at Undercover. Some really nice intricate work created by Alakazam. Not only is Undercover one of my favorite Japanese fashion brands, but I like them more because they extend their field to support the art community by opening the basement of the Aoyama boutique shop to become an art exhibition space.

What’s inside the moss house?

Ted with the artists Sasumu and Will

Jun Takahashi, the designer of Undercover, and Julia

Me & Julia!

The two tallest dudes in Japan. it was nice to have you in Tokyo, Rudy!