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Migaki Mugi Launch

We’ve been working with Sapporo on their Namashibori happoshu brand since 2001. Last month, Hokkaido Namashibori was renewed as Hokkaido Namashibori Migaki Mugi (which means polished barley). W+K Tokyo led the re-launch, including product naming, packaging design, advertising, website development and POP. Check out the new can design below. Better yet, rush to the nearest convini and taste the polished barley for yourself!


Tokyo Designer's Week!

Last week was Tokyo Design Week which features events like Design Tide and 100% Design. Lots of conceptual and inspirational art and products were shown in exhibition spaces and in shops all over the city!



A big red button was this year’s TD logo. Everyone who came to the show carried the logo bag, and made an interesting pattern all over the space.


A Table made from a stack of newspapers, created by a student.

nike-popuphutch.jpg Nike’s exhibition space


This year, Nike collaborated with Waseda University and Tokyo Polytechnic University (工芸大学)and had 2 containers. The brief was to present new ideas and concepts using the Tokyo city for young kids who play sports. Waseda University made a small, 1/100 sized Shibuya inside the containers, with figures of people playing sports around the whole Shibuya city. Their concept was “Supo-ten” (combining Sports and “Hoko-ten” (歩行者天国) shut down roads so people can walk freely, like what happens in Ginza over the weekends). The Tokyo Polytechnic University made the container look like a train, and presented the idea of “BATRUSH” (short for “BATTLE OF RUSH”). Their idea was to make the rush hours of the train as a field, and make BATRUSH a sport to compete on how fast you can get to your office every morning…(btw, you compete with yourself). They presented products, videos, and posters inside the container.

New Peeps: Shingo

A big welcome to Shingo Ohno, who joins the Tokyo office today as an interactive art director. In addition to being interested in all things digital, Shingo loves music…


Incredible India

This year’s W+K management meeting was held in Udaipur, India at the Devi Garh, a renovated 18th century fort and palace. Management teams from all offices met here to review the past 18 months and talk about what lies ahead.

devi-garh-from-village1.jpgDevi Garh as seen from the village

We were greeted upon arrival in true Indian fashion.


Sumiko and Yone arrive on camel.


A shower of rose petals at the entrance of the hotel.

The lovely welcome at the Devi Garh was in stark contrast to our arrival earlier that morning to the Delhi airport…


While most of our time was spent devising brilliant strategies for future success, we did have a bit of time to connect with the local people … and wildlife. Much to our relief, the monkeys were not nearly as vicious as we had been led to believe.


Susan Hoffman made a few new friends.

A serenade from an elderly accordian player.

Trish, Dan, Sumiko and Yone — the guys look quite dashing in their turbans.

Gyre Part 2

More pictures from GYRE opening night!




The balcony is a nice hang out spot with a great city view of Tokyo.