W+K Tokyo


Gyre celebrated its birth to guests last night before today’s official opening to the public. All the hoopla and usual suspects of having an organic deli designed by Katayama to Margiela’s intriguing asylum-like store to Kurosaki’s bar and grill (with a lovely deck and view of the neighborhood). The first MoMA store outside the US is very welcome even to the most design saturated city in the world. MVRDV, the building’s dutch architects were present and exhibited many of their impressive past, current and future projects in the EYE of Gyre exhibition space. But at the end of the day, it was our very own Takemi, in dark suit and earpiece, who was the most bad ass in the lineup as Agent Gyre.

For us, this was a culmination of a year and half process, beginning with concepting the building’s name to designing it’s logo, signage, information booklets, as well as the advertising including the train and station jacks of Omotesando station. We were also involved in the creative direction for the website and its integration to the interactive installation connecting shoppers through their mobiles to the buildling and its theme of “SHOP AND THINK”.



[qt://www.zongy.org/GYRE.BLOG.mov 470 329]


TDS’s new space in Nakameguro officially opened in August of this year. There is nothing outside to specify that it’s Nike except for a swatch of hand-painted shoebox orange, and the 30 shoes designed by the studio lined up in the lobby. The studio is pure Nike but far away from the corporate HQ of Nike Japan. An inspiring place to work and think.

Happy Halloween – 2

This year’s Halloween was a little unusual for WK TOKYO since everyone was so busy running around or traveling around and did not have the crazy party that we usually do. However, Mako, our Executive Chef, did not forget the party spirit. She baked the special Halloween cupcake!

mako and the cake