W+K Tokyo

Tokyo Designer's Week!

Last week was Tokyo Design Week which features events like Design Tide and 100% Design. Lots of conceptual and inspirational art and products were shown in exhibition spaces and in shops all over the city!



A big red button was this year’s TD logo. Everyone who came to the show carried the logo bag, and made an interesting pattern all over the space.


A Table made from a stack of newspapers, created by a student.

nike-popuphutch.jpg Nike’s exhibition space


This year, Nike collaborated with Waseda University and Tokyo Polytechnic University (工芸大学)and had 2 containers. The brief was to present new ideas and concepts using the Tokyo city for young kids who play sports. Waseda University made a small, 1/100 sized Shibuya inside the containers, with figures of people playing sports around the whole Shibuya city. Their concept was “Supo-ten” (combining Sports and “Hoko-ten” (歩行者天国) shut down roads so people can walk freely, like what happens in Ginza over the weekends). The Tokyo Polytechnic University made the container look like a train, and presented the idea of “BATRUSH” (short for “BATTLE OF RUSH”). Their idea was to make the rush hours of the train as a field, and make BATRUSH a sport to compete on how fast you can get to your office every morning…(btw, you compete with yourself). They presented products, videos, and posters inside the container.