W+K Tokyo

Bounenkai 2007

This past Friday we celebrated “bounenkai” (which literally means “to forget the year.”) While 2007 was actually worth remembering, we’ll take any excuse for a party.

Yohei, Yuko M., Yuko H. and Masaru

Masters of ceremony Mai and Masaru pick the next prize winner

Rock, paper scissors throw down for the last iTouch

+cruz and Ted, unable to tear themselves away from client emails

Ringo, winner of the most creative t-shirt adaptation

shig-mako.jpgShig & Mako


Today the office marked ECD Sumiko’s triumphant return from Honolulu, where she finished the marathon in an amazing 4:41:01. In addition to beating her previous personal best, she also blew past Carl Lewis at 40 kilos. Omedeto Sumiko!

(Sunny) Portland, Oregon

A few of us hopped in our twin prop and went to Portland for a few days last week for some meetings at Nike. Anytime spent on the Nike campus in Beaverton is time well spent. It was great to see our Asia/Pacific clients and get a chance to learn, ask questions and get more inspired about this incredible brand that we work on. Some amazing new stuff coming soon. Promise.

Q’s Club with Bruce Ikeda

Our Bruce is giving this presentation and talk about music +visual of the lab at ginza apple theater 12/7th, if you have time, please stop by.


Sweet Lots!

Our friends from Rooftop stopped by today to share a little frozen sweetness! Thanks Rooftop! Shurei is about to eat them all, hurry to come pick ur your share before it melts!