W+K Tokyo


「楽しい写真」Our good friend Motoko-san, a photographer, paid a visit recently. We are lucky to have worked with her on a variety of projects for both clients like MORI LIVING and our record label W+K Tokyo Lab. Lately, she has been taking photos of Shiga Prefecture, which is our AE Kohei’s hometown, so she came to meet him in person to share the love and passion for Shiga!

Our ECD Yone calls her “the godmother of Japanese photography.” She will be holding a photography workshop for ten months starting in April. Be the children of the “godmother!”

先日私たちが親しくさせて頂いているカメラマンのmotokoさんが来社されました。森ビルさんの賃貸レジデンスブランドの「MORI LIVING」のようなお仕事や私たちの音楽レーベルW+K東京Labのプロジェクトでお世話になっています。近ごろ滋賀県の写真を撮っていらして、滋賀県出身の営業の公平と「滋賀ラヴ&パッション」を語り合うためにいらっしゃいました。