W+K Tokyo

Roppongi Blues 2008 start!




The other day, Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo’s very own “Roppongi Blues” had our very first practice at “Keyaki Ground” of Meiji Jingu Gaien field. Feeling a cold breeze, the temperature standing at 6 degrees C, I enjoyed this year’s first game with a refreshing sweat, while tasting the ground I missed for a while.

Power-hitter Driscoll from the USA is our new teammate from this year, who is a full-blooded fan of the Red Sox. He seems to be fueled by Japanese baseball.

We couldn’t play many games last year, and examine from that result, our
resolution for 2008 is to have more than 30 games, and we have plans for a spring camp. For further information visit www.roppongiblues.com.