W+K Tokyo

A rainy and fruity day in Tokyo


Nothing quite like a bunch of fruit to brighten up a rainy Spring day! “Fruit Day” has become a once-a-month tradition here in the Tokyo office thanks to the initiative of the lovely Yuka, Miho and Mai. According to the website Fruit Expert, you should eat at least 5 pieces of fruit a day to maintain both physical and even mental health … and to get the full benefits of fruit, you need to eat a wide variety. So there you have it people — dig in to the smorgasbord of fruit that awaits you in lobby! (For those of you who don’t like fruit, apparently a bottle of tequila has also made its way into the fruit display.)

In a few weeks we will report back on “Sweets Day”, the other once-a-month tradition that has no proven medical benefit other than creating a sugar-induced high throughout the agency.