W+K Tokyo

Internet meets art

Our client Google held a press conference yesterday to announce the introduction of “Artist iGoogle”. If you haven’t yet discovered iGoogle, it lets you create a personalized home page, filled with whatever gadgets are of interest to you. Google Japan is collaborating with artists including Airside, Lily Franky, Hibino Katsuhiko, Kitamura Nobuhiko (Hysteric Glamour), Kuma Kengo, Nigo (Bathing Ape), Nagi Noda, Tezuka Osamu and Yamane Yuriko Shigeki. Each artist has created his/her own skin design and gadget, which means you can now make your iGoogle home page even more artistic.

Pictured below are team Yamane Yuriko Shigeki, Kuma Kengo, Google Japan President Norio Murakami, Hibino Katsuhiko, Lily Franky and Google Japan Marketing Director Miki Iwamura.


W+K Tokyo is working with Google Japan on the launch of the campaign. Keep an eye out for our online campaign, and be sure to visit the iGoogle Internet cafe that W+K is concepting and producing. It will be held at Roppongi Hills Cafe space from April 12 – 24th.

Check out Artist iGoogle and download cool stuff here