W+K Tokyo

2008 Play Ball

W+K Tokyoの野球部、”六本木ブルース”のキャプテンをしております、足立公平です。
Hello all, this is Kohei Adachi, captain of Roppongi Blues of W+K Baseball Team.


On a very nice spring day, we had our first game in 2008. Unfortunately, we could not win. But, since we started this team 4 years ago, we are getting better and stronger every year. Our goal is to win more games this year.


The pitcher in the photo is Yuichi. He pitches very fast balls, crazy breaking balls that you can not usually see in amateur baseball leagues. Seriously, it is deadly fast. Please come and see his pitching .
You can check our game schedule and results at www..roppongiblues.com.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact with Kohei (kohei.adachi@wk.com). We’ll interview at the mound!