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iGoogle Art Cafe テーマファクトリー Theme Fatory


今週末もiGoogle Art Cafeは満員御礼!列ができるほどの盛況ぶりでした。中でもテーマファクトリーは開始時間からひっきりなしに素材持込や、お絵かきをする人がいてフル操業!なんと、日曜日には記念すべき100枚目のiGoogleテーマをつくりおわりました。








22日が最終日です。期間中作成された素晴らしいテーマの数々は、iGoogle Art Cafe Blogでご覧ください!

iGoogle Art Cafe was full again this weekend. There was a line of people waiting to get in! “iGoogle Theme Factory” was running full-blown since there was a non-stop flow of people doing their own drawing and bringing in their original design. On Sunday, we finished creating the 100th iGoogle theme! Big thanks to Johnny who helped out on XML coding, retouching the images and consolidating the workflow for this project.

A Google engineer from Mountain View came in to do his own doodling as well. Seeing all the happy faces made us really glad that we executed this project. The photo above is the adorable children of Davi’s who dropped by to do the shoot at the cafe.

The last day of the Theme Factory is on April 22, starting from 15:00.

Also, please see the gallery of great themes that were created during this event at the iGoogle Art Cafe blog.

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