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Merce Death World Tour from My Room

Merce Death World Tour from My Room flyer
Merce Death(Shingo’s solo band) started the World Tour from his room with Ustream.
It’s A KIND OF streaming GIG, but he change the starting time for each cities.


for Florence(フィレンツェ)>Finished!!!!
Fri, May 30, 2008 6pm (Florence time)
(Tokyo > 5/31sat 1am)

for Stockholm(ストックホルム)
Fri, June 6, 2008 8pm (Stockholm time)
(Tokyo > 6/7sat 3am)

for London(ロンドン)
Fri, June 13, 2008 6pm (London time)
(Tokyo > 6/14sat 2am)

for San Francisco(サンフランシスコ)
Fri, June 20, 2008 9pm (San Francisco time)
(Tokyo > 6/21sat 1pm)

for New York(ニューヨーク)
Fri, June 27, 2008 10pm (New York time)
(Tokyo > 6/28sat 11pm)

for Tokyo(東京)
Sat, July 5, 2008
@Roppongi Hills Mado Lounge (Tokyo time)

(If you want to know what time is it on your city time, you can check on Google Calendar

On the day, you can enjoy at Top page of Merce Death site or Merce Death GIG channel on Ustream or iGoogle gadget.
Final GIG of the tour, Merce Death will play on real at Roppongi Hills Mado Lounge!

So, the first place was Florence!

Over 60 people from Florenc(or somewhere : ) watched the GIG! Grazie!!!
If you have an interest, watch the report at here.

Sapporo New campaign teaser!

sapporo-lady.jpgsapporo.jpgWho’s the girl!?

We launched a teaser site on namashibori.com as the first stage of new campaign for Namashibori Migakimugi, the main happoshu brand of Sapporo Beer. The site asks “Who’s the new Namashibori Migakimugi Image girl?” It’s a secret for now, but her identity will be revealed on June 9th at Sapporo’s press conference after which she’ll appear in our new campaign. We’ll continue to upload more photos on the site, with more hints coming on daily basis until the day the mystery is solved.

Can you guess who she is?!

Nike Training

Our training campaign for Nike launched last week in Tokyo with some larger-than-life billboards near Shinjuku station …


New Kumon campaign

lv_004.jpgWe just launched our latest campaign for Kumon. To capture their brand vision around the globe, we visited Kumon centers in 6 different countries. Although we’ve worked with Kumon for 8 years, this is the first time we’ve witnessed Kumon’s magic outside Japan. It was amazing to see how the same teaching methodology works universally, regardless of culture. The films share the dreams and aspirations of both students and teachers, and show how Kumon makes a real difference in kids’ confidence and life skills.
Press inquiries contact: lina.hitomi@wk.com

HONDA "Drive Every Drop" campaign

honda-tvc.jpgOur first TV work for Honda Asia broke this past weekend during the Monaco Grand Prix. It was the result of a collaboration between our Tokyo and London offices. Michael Russoff and Caroline Pay from London were the creative team.

The spot, directed by Jake Scott, dramatizes Honda’s i-VTEC engine technology and Honda’s belief that the joy of driving shouldn’t be compromised when cars use less fuel. The opening scene shows a single drop of fuel suspended within an engine cylinder. A series of drops combust within the cylinder, which are revealed to be propelling a car forward via unique and abstract footage of a journey. Real drops of fuel were ignited and filmed to create the combustion images.

The “Drive Every Drop” campaign also includes print, OOH, dealer materials and interactive.

The drive every drop website invites visitors to join a road trip across Asia in a Honda powered by the i-VTEC engine. Participants will be able to ‘sponsor’ the road trip by defining the route, choosing the driver and car, and adding drops of fuel along the way.

Press inquiries: lina.hitomi@wk.com