W+K Tokyo


W+KTokyoLab threw down on Friday. Taking place at one of Tokyo’s coolest hideouts, the Claska, it was on. Half of Tokyo was there. No seriously, it was amazing. It was a party to celebrate the last 5 years of work by W+KTokyoLab and to launch our latest project and 10th release, Tokyo.Ten. Thanks to everyone who came out and mad props to the Lab crew. Check out some more photos here.


P.S. If you missed the party, don’t cry. The exhibition will be up at Claska until 7/27. See you at Tokyo.Ten Live next:

DATE: 7/24 THU
Appearances by: HIFANA / AFRA & The Incredible Beatbox Band /
DJ Uppercut / Jemapur / CHINZA DOPENESS + more
OPEN : 18:00 / START : 19:00
TICKETS : 3,000 YEN (tax-in, no drink)
INFO : 03.5464.0800 www.liquidroom.net


Dropping this week is a global print and OOH campaign created by W+K Tokyo for Nike’s new shoes featuring Flywire technology which makes them lighter. In addition to the print and OOH work, the Nike innovation digital site nikelab.com will feature our photography, as well as several films we created specifically for the site. Stay tuned, this gear is tight.

MD Offsite in Sun Valley

The Managing Directors from all 7 offices got together this past week in Sun Valley Idaho for our annual offsite where we discuss issues, compare notes and make future plans. There were no arrests or casualties despite a wide variety of opportunities to inflict bodily injury upon ourselves.

After our financial review, we headed to shooting range to cull out those offices who hadn’t met their numbers. Gun toting Mohit (Delhi MD), Buz (New York MD) and Dave (COO) head to the range while Bless (Portland MD) and Trish (Tokyo MD) get a few tips on proper form. Nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the afternoon.

Not even the horses were safe. Kel (MD Shanghai) proved that he can indeed stay on a horse, Renny (Head of Global Digital Strategy) strikes an impressive Digital Cowboy pose, and the rest of the group rides off into the sunset.

For more photos of Big Buck Hunting, check out Neil’s (MD London) blog entry here

Googleが環境プロジェクト?How does Google handle Green?


6月23日にGoogle Japanと環境省が共同で「Google One Green Project」の開始を発表しました。ワイデン+ケネディトウキョウは今回のプロジェクトの企画、サイトデザインなど担当しました。すでに多くの企業が環境問題への取り組みを始めていますが、グーグルならではの技術で、より多くの人が環境問題について学び、活動を行うことをサポートすることが今回のプロジェクトの目的です。

Google One Green Project用に制作されたOne Green iGoogleをダウンロードすると、二酸化炭素削減のためのアイデアや毎日の活動を記録できるガジェット(One Green ガジェット)のほか、環境の変化をまざまざとみれるJaxaのオフィシャルガジェット、環境について考えさせる画像が満載のNational Geographicのガジェットなどを自分のホームページに設定することができます。このiGoogleのテーマには秘密があって、より多くの人が参加するとどんどんテーマの絵が進化します。このテーマのデザインもWKのADのGino WooとデザイナーのKanaちゃんが担当しました。またちょっとギークな話題ですが、このOneGreeenガジェットは最近発表されたばかりのGoogle APPエンジンが採用されていてXBS、WebCore、Keel Networksなど数多くのパートナーとGoogleのエンジニアの方との協同でできあがった最新の技術が凝縮されたものなのです。Jaxaのオフィシャルガジェットも、Jaxaの技術者の方といかに難しい環境問題をより多くの人に感じてもらうか何度もミーティングを重ねて制作しました。皆さんも是非ここからGoogle One Green Projectに参加してください!


Google Japan and the Ministry of Environment co-announced the kick off of the Google One Green Project on June 23rd. Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo worked on the campaign concept, site design and the production. Many corporate have already been working on the environmental issues but this project is to show how Google can support people to learn and take actions on environment issues with their superb technology. If you download “One Green” iGoogle, it comes with “One Green” gadget that lets you register ideas and record what you did for the day to help reduce CO2, a Jaxa’s official gadget that shows the drastically changing environment in a visceral way, a National Geographic gadget which shows great photos that make you ponder about the environmental issues. If more people participate in this campaign, the iGoogle theme will keep evolving.The theme design was handled by WK TOKYO’s AD, Gino Woo and the designer, Kana chan. This is a little geeky topic but this One Green gadget applied the Google App engine that was recently announced. This gadget is a gem of the latest technology, created in collaboration with XBS, Web Core, Keel Networks and Google engineers. We also had multiple meeting with the Jaxa engineers on how people can intuitively see the environmental issues.


Last week we welcomed Hiromu Ono back into the fold. After nearly a year working and surfing in Hawaii, Hiromu has returned to Tokyo, and happily for us, to his account service gig at W+K. So happy to have him back, and love the new relaxed look (especially the hair!)
Tomoko Isobe also joined us last week as a PA/HR assistant. Tomoko is a huge fan of Rakugo, a type of Japanese verbal entertainment where a storyteller sits on the stage, and using only a paper fan as a prop, and without standing up from his seat, depicts a long and complicated comical story. Hopefully that will prepare her well for W+K!