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グーグルオフィスに落書き?!Graffiti in Google Office

Devin_Gsan_GinoDevin, Creative Director of Google, and Gino Woo, Art Director at W+K Tokyo, pose with mischievous smile.
This was a secret graffiti attack on the glass wall of one of the meeting rooms in the Google Japan office.
After one week, the graffiti is still there on the wall, having a revelation moment.

悪戯っ子のような笑顔でポーズをしているのはグーグルのクリエイティブディレクターのDevinさんとW+K TokyoのADのGino Wooです。
Google Japanのオフィスの壁へ内緒で落書きしてきちゃいました。

Tokyo.TEN : LIVE 7/24 THU next week!

出演:ARTISTS: HIFANA,AFRA & The Incredible Beatbox Band,DJ Uppercut,Jemapur ,鎮座DOPENESS + more
OPEN : 18:00 START : 19:00 TICKETS : ¥3,000 (tax-in, no drink) MORE INFO : 03.5464.0800 www.liquidroom.net
Hey, don’t forget to purchase a pre-ticket to TOKYO.TEN live! It’s going quickly!

Seeking PR specialist

W+K Tokyo is looking for an internal PR person to help build the internal and external communications capabilities of our Tokyo office. This person will be responsible for:

– Coordinating the creation of press materials
– Managing relationships with external media
– Promoting our creative product, agency culture and W+K Tokyo LAB
– Liaising with W+K’s global PR team
– Assisting with content for the agency blog and website

To qualify, you must:
Be bilingual in English and Japanese (no exceptions)
– Have excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
– Have a passion for creativity
– Be connected to culture
– Possess strong computer skills including knowledge of new digital mediums
– Past PR experience is a plus

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to Trish Adams, trish.adams@wk.com


Check out Spider, another blip for nikelab created by W+K Tokyo. The creative team was Driscoll Reid & Chris Hutchinson and it was directed by Andrew Hall. Press inquiries: lina.hitomi@wk.com

Tokyo.Ten Invades ABC Roppongi

W+K東京Lab’s new DVD+book, Tokyo.Ten, is hijacking our local branch (that means Roppongi) of Aoyama Book Center. You can see a lot of the Lab’s posters around the store, preview the new DVD and book, as well as grab all our past albums, and some other fun stuff. You’ll be able to buy Tokyo.Ten starting from the official release date of July 16th (next Monday).

TokyoLab in ABC

TokyoLab in ABC

TokyoLab in ABC