W+K Tokyo

BIGDOGSS in da house

Last week, BIGDOGSS came and visited our office.


They’re a group of dancers based in Tokyo.
The members are… YOSSY, Chang-yama, keeper, Andre, and Yuki.

They were inspired by our GGG OYKOT event and our charisma, Akio, who is the big bro to all the Tokyo kids and adults.

Check out their moves!

Their next event is on Feb. 10th at “Colors Studio” in Nishi-Azabu…


New Faces : Alexey Kogan

Joining us for a 3 month internship is Alexey Kogan. He is currently studying Graphic Design at Art Center and lives in L.A. Please say hi to Alexey when you see him. Alexey is originally from Russia and he’s got tattoos.


Erica Dorn in the House

Erica Dorn dropped by the office the other day for a visit and lunch with the Tokyo Lab team. Back in March of 2008 Erica interned at W+K Tokyo Lab and worked with us on TOKYO.TEN and also the package design for JEMAPUR’s latest album. Currently Erica is studying in London and is finishing her final year so we hope to see her back in her motherland once the summer rolls around.


Nike Running: Speed

Nike re-introduced its revolutionary innovation, Nike+, to Japanese runners with the RUN REVOLUTION campaign. The latest revolution is Nike’s line of SPEED lightweight shoes for more competitive and elite runners.

To launch this SPEED line, we captured the passion of a runner totally obsessed with speed and shaving minutes or seconds off his run. In the ad, we see a runner fully content with getting his newest tattoo celebrating his first sub-3 time. Much respect to Pre, too. While we haven’t witnessed runners getting their race times inked just yet, who knows – the latest rally cry could bring about a new, speed-obsessed generation of runners.