W+K Tokyo

Tony + Ran + Japan


Tony Davidson, ECD of our London office, is taking advantage of W+K’s sabbatical program (payback for his ECD partner Kim’s sabbatical a few years ago) and chose Japan as his destination. Tony and his partner Ran (pictured above, apparently traveling incognito) will be journeying throughout the country for sightseeing, onsening and snowboarding. Happily for us, their visit started in Tokyo, and although on vacation, they stopped by the office to udpate us on what’s happening in London.

We learned that 1. London is starting a school, and is in the midst of doing a lot of research across the world to determine the best model for their office; 2. Nokia has proven to be a really exciting new client that has literally doubled the size of the London office; 3. Despite all the great work coming from W+K London, they are still striving to do work that’s even more innovative and provocative.



Tony’s also been busy in his spare time and just published a book called One-Track Mind. It features a collection of photos taken from all over the world of objects that resemble women’s breasts. Even though the book is already published, we noticed that Tony was very observant while in Tokyo, finding lots of subject matter for a possible Volume 2. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to breast and prostate cancer research. If you are interested in “a lovely book of boob-like things of all shapes, sizes and surprises, you can purchase the book here.


Thanks to IID and MediaSurf for lovely lunch! It was very cold day but your hearty Nabe lunch really warmed us up.


Thanks for visiting Tony and Ran! Have a great trip, and good luck at the onsens!