W+K Tokyo



Coraline, a stop action animation film directed by Henry Selick (Nightmare before Christmas), opened in the US this past weekend. Based on a book by Neil Gaiman, it’s the first feature film from Phil Knight’s Portland, OR animation studio Laika.

The reason we’re blogging about it (besides the fact that it’s an amazing film you should check out) is because W+K Portland has been working over the last several months on the promotion of the film. When W+K folks had the chance to visit the set and see hundreds of crew members pouring over the details, they realized how much the process of making the film was part of the story. Every single thing you see on screen was made by hand, so that became the inspiration for the work that was created to promote the film.

To build buzz among communities they thought would respond to the film, the Portland Studio (a group of talented designers) hand-built these boxes using the actual assets from the film and sent them to bloggers and influencers.




Wild postings, trailers and traditional advertising were also part of the campaign, as were interactive billboards …



W+K also created the film’s website


… and came up with the idea of producing a pair of limited edition Coraline Nike dunks … sweet.



Congrats to Laika and to W+K Portland … hope Coraline makes its way to Tokyo soon!