W+K Tokyo


Every year, W+K London produces their “Book of the Year.” It’s a printed version of their blog, and a great overview of everything that happened over the last 12 months, including all their work, office culture, client news, travel escapades, parties, people and general goings on.

The 2008 volume just arrived in Tokyo, and this year’s version is particularly beautifully designed and bound.


The coolest thing is the cover. When opened, the inside reveals a person made from photographic “slices” of each employee.


Thank you London. Great work, as usual!

W+K charisma: Akio E-da

Who is your charismatic figure?
For W+K Tokyo and definitely for Tokyo street culture, Akio is THE guy.

Last December, he poured his power and energy into OYKOT, our 10th anniversary exhibition at ggg, and inspired all of us to make it happen.
The news on OYKOT had been spreading, and it still is.

Akio writes a column in FLJ magazine, and he talks about outside mural project at ggg by featuring each artist and their work.


And Moonlinx, covered OYKOT in December, came back to interview Akio on the behind-the-scene story of OYKOT and his deep connection with street culture.

Check them both out and find out the secret of charisma!