W+K Tokyo


W+K Portland is hosting a global employee art show “W+K=MAKE” during the month of May, opening on First Thursday, May 7. Artwork includes: painting, drawing, illustration, photography, sculpture, installation, craft, film & animation shorts and anything else we make or create.
Art pieces will be displayed in the building lobby, and film & animation will be screened in the bunker on opening night. All pieces will be donated to the nonprofit Room to Read.

Balancing yourself

Balancing is the new trend on the first floor.

Having perfectly comfortable chairs aside, Reiko, Masaru and Yuka just keep balancing all day long.
The trend is spreading through the office so there will be more people hopping on the balls next week.



Please meet Mr. and Mrs. McMorrin

Yo, check this happy news on the Tokyo 411, W+K Tokyo’s sista numba one – Kumiko – just became Mrs. McMorrin this past weekend!
Raymond McMorrin is a jazz tenor sax player in the Tokyo Jazz scene. Big UPs to the newlyweds! Blowin’ it up Big Time 2009!


Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects N.2

World famous interior designer, Masamichi Katayama released his second book, “Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects N.2”. John showed his respect and appreciation for Mr.Katayama and his beautiful works by writing a tribute page for the book.
Big thanks to Katayama-san and Wonderwall Inc., and congratulation on the new book!

Google Japan Chrome Promotion Video

Google Japan’s promotional videos for Google Chrome:

Now up on the Google Chrome Channel.


Sick Tab:


Speed Bullet:

CD: +cruz / Sumiko Sato
AD: +cruz / Gino Woo / Shane Lester
Writer: Shunsuke Iwai
Animator: Genki Ito
Designer: Mark Okon / Alex Kogan
Music: Tetsuya Yamazaki

Client : Google Japan