W+K Tokyo

My Special Moment

As part of our assignment for Nikon, we created “My Special Moment” a movie featuring Mark Dytham & Astrid Klein from Klein Dytham architecture, Yayoi Arimoto, and Danny Choo. It’s now available on Nikon’s global microsite “Nikon Next” under Image Film.
Please go visit to find out what their special moments are.


Executive Creative Director: Sumiko Sato / Art Director: Gino Woo / Writer (JPN): Shunsuke Iwai / Writer (ENG): Andrew Miller / Director: Timothy Saccenti / DP: Hiroyuki Takahashi / Editor: Sohichiro Yagi / Agency Producer: Hiroshi Tonomura / Producer: Masataka Saito / Production Manager: Yasutomi Shimizu