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Everything you want to do is happening at CLASKA this Friday… drinking, dancing and shopping!
CLASKA is hosting a night flea market “Okaimonoshinight” and W+K Tokyo will be joining the fun night as one of 23 booths.
Let’s get drunk and shop!!!

私たちW+K Tokyoもブースを出店いたしますので、

2009/07/03 Friday

Booths are:
W+K TOKYO / KiKi inc. / Candle JUNE (ELDNACS) / フイナム / GAS AS I/F /
DogMan / Pressroom 4K[sik] / PR01. / トラフ建築設計事務所 / 長山智美 /
TOKYO SOURCE / Kimiko Mitani Woo (MW Company) / SHIROKUMA /
Noir Sound Production / Taguchi / eredie 2 / ZENI. / Noritake / Knot Japan /
Nooka Japan Inc., method / Utrecht / 倉成英俊 / 「へうげて、暮らすか」実行委員会

JOHN MAEDA visits W+K TOKYO for breakfast

Today we were incredibly honored to have a visit from John Maeda. It’s not everyday that you arrive at the office with a fully prepared Japanese breakfast and have an engaging morning conversation with John Maeda.


How did this happen? Well, when the infamous John Jay lectured at RISD, he was fortunate enough to have John Maeda make him breakfast. So when we heard John Maeda was in town to speak at a sold out lecture, we wanted to return the favor by inviting John Maeda over for breakfast at our office.






With less than 24 hours notice everyone jumped for joy and after the ecstasy, went grocery shopping to prepare a special menu. A few of us came in at 8am (which NEVER happens) to cook all the food for Mr. Maeda’s breakfast, which was inspired by “Law 5 – Differences : Simplicity and Complexity need each other” from his book “The Laws of Simplicity”. So we created a Japanese menu of food that is SIMPLE but also COMPLEX. What we learned is that we are more then capable of opening a restaurant with the W+K Tokyo cooking club of about 9 people helping this morning. Perhaps W+K Tokyo Lab will now venture into gastronomy as one of its expressions.









In the hour that John Maeda spent with us, he shared his experience thus far as President of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), which he says is great because he can sign off on whatever he wants and also invent things like micro degrees. Anyone want to major in Twitter?

He mostly enlightened us about the art of “reinventing” one’s self at a time where creativity is playing a greater role in how we can evolve in order to help the world change and grow.






Arigatou! John Maeda for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. What a way to start a Friday morning off!

Also, big thanks to everyone who helped organize this, and especially to our dear leader, John Jay, for making this happen.



While W+K Tokyo yoga continues to be a weekly evening event at the agency, we had our second Yoga Retreat in Chiba at our friend Kenji’s dome house this past weekend. We miraculously managed to squeeze 9 people in the dome but the space turned out to be perfect for yoga with a great view of outdoor nature. Some of us who went early spent a night at the dome and enjoyed drinks by the campfire and all of us together enjoyed yoga, onsen and healthy local food at the hotel and spent a great time over the weekend. Stay tuned for our third Yoga Retreat, hopefully sometime again soon!

Special thanks goes to Hiromi, Reiko, and Kenji. Without your effort and generosity this retreat would never have happened.


Hiromi claims she is not a designer, but she put together these little booklets for each of us to take home. Thanks Hiromi! 🙂


Friday night, Kenji sipping on a beer.


Mark huffing away at the fire… burn baby burn!


Kenji’s Home Dome… aka… the Yoga Dome.



Talk about a nature view… so quiet and the birds were chirping.


Kuro the shy doggie.


Farmer Kenji feeding breakfast to his crops.


Sweet… blues skies… just when we thought it was going to rain all weekend!!




Walking the beach in bare feet never felt so good!!


After Yoga and checking into the Hotel, everyone had a traditional Japanese bath (onsen) and then we gathered in our Yukata’s and headed off to dinner.


We even had Takako (on the right) join us for our retreat!


The food was amazing but nothing came close to this… flavorless porridge… aka… Chunky Water.



Team ANSWR visits W+K TOKYO


One of the hottest creative design studios ANSWR led by Mr. Harigai, came by our office and gave us a casual presentation of their work. Many of us joined the session and we were all so excited and also inspired. Hope we didn’t scare the ANSWR crew. Thanks for coming team ANSWR and please stop by again!









Wieden + Kennedy London is launching a brand new initiative on 9th September 2009, a fully-fledged creative talent hub: ‘Platform’.

Platform will draw out the best and as yet undiscovered, creative minds from the worlds of arts, sciences and technology around the globe that W+K will search for and recruit throughout the summer of 2009. We are looking to find people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, who possess inspirational and curious minds. The successful applicants will work as a collective to solve live business problems, as well as working in isolation on specialist projects awarded for their particular skills. In addition to Platform working in conjunction with W+K on live client briefs, they will also work in isolation on research, creative and product development projects and with local communities around the world to do more good.

Platform is the evolution of W+K’s talent scheme ‘W+Kside’ that ran for the last three years. We invited four people from outside the advertising industry to come into the heart of our business and work alongside us to help solve our client’s business problems. We discovered that because these people came from broader creative disciplines, they did not start with the traditional advertising solutions, to great effect. Their surprising, inspirational approach invigorated the agency and our clients alike and because of this success, our bolder new talent venture evolved.

Platform will be situated in a dedicated space in Wieden + Kennedy’s offices on Hanbury Street, East London and will function alongside the agency itself. We have expanded in to The Black Eagle Brewery building where Platform will sit, surrounded by a number of other environments situated around it, including a research lab, product development unit, auditorium, flexible gallery space, workshop and additional Wieden + Kennedy work areas.

At Wieden + Kennedy, we believe that inspiration is the key to learning. With this in mind we have invited the most talented and prominent figures from the arts, sciences, technology and education communities to become patrons for Platform. They will offer lectures, workshops, debates, work swaps and will participate in many different areas of our programme across the coming months. Patrons include Dean Linda Drew from University of Arts London; Jeremy Ettinghausen, Head of Digital Publishing at Penguin; Sarah Featherstone, Architect; Russell Davies, Global Strategist; Deep Kailey Fashion Editor Vogue India; and Joel Gethin Lewis, Interaction Designer and Artist.

Applicants should visit platform.wk.com for more information. Here they will find a prospectus explaining everything they’ll need to know about Platform, together with a brief to enter. We would like candidates to answer the creative brief as well as create a personal video profile. We will go through all creative submissions then invite a selected group into the agency for an open day where there will be a number of other challenges. This will take place at Wieden + Kennedy London. Platform recruitment works on a rolling basis so if you miss out on the first round, there will be further opportunities to apply in the future.

Sam Brookes, Managing Director Platform said, ‘Having a diverse mix of talented people with different skills, fresh approaches and boundless energy will not only provide surprising creative solutions for business problems but it will invigorate everyone at W+K into working in new ways and thinking beyond advertising.’

For further information:
Bella Laine bella.laine@wk.com
020 7194 7000
Sam Brookes sam.brookes@wk.com
020 7194 700

Article from Creative Review on PLATFORM.