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W+K + PlayStation!


We got some great news last night — we won the pitch for PlayStation! We held an agency meeting this morning to share the news, luring people to the office early with the promise of breakfast.

Champagne was in order to celebrate adding such an awesome brand to our client roster, and we fired up the videoconferencing so that the peeps in Portland who worked on the pitch could share the love.

Lots of celebrating today, and then we jump in head first on Monday to get rolling on our new account! Nice way to start the weekend and the summer.






Traffic and Lectures

Today our very own +CRUZ held a lecture in-house for a group of students from Nanyang Technical University and Singapore’s art school. The students were a motley crue from across Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India. +CRUZ gave a lecture on what we do at W+K Tokyo.

It’s no surprise really when we see a large group of students walking through the office… we know who brought them.





Creative Consumption | Vogue Nippon + Comme des Garçons

John’s Blog entry on the NYTIMES BLOG : THE MOMENT…


Media June 9, 2009, 3:05 pm
Creative Consumption | Vogue Nippon + Comme des Garçons
By John Jay

The worlds of publishing and fashion have felt the wrath of the economic storm, with both industries struggling to find relevance for consumers who represent the new normal. Tokyo hasn’t been immune to global shifts in consumption habits and desires, yet it remains the most passionate consumer culture in the world. The desire for new ideas has not diminished, and for this very demanding audience, imaginative design and originality in marketing are more critical than ever.

Tokyo brands have elevated creative collaborations into a modern marketing art form, and now Magazine Alive brings together two of the city’s most innovative forces: Vogue Nippon and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. To celebrate the magazine’s 10th anniversary, each monthly issue of Vogue Nippon over the next six months will come to life at the Comme des Garçons flex retail space on Kotto Dori in the Aoyama neighborhood. This retail and gallery space is the brand’s experimental lab, which recently showcased its unlikely collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

The Magazine Alive shop debuted with Vogue Nippon’s July concept, Manga X Mode. The artist Takashi Murakami was given the top floor, where he presented limited-edition products based on the anime legend Magical Princess. The front window featured a silver Chanel mannequin fantasy by Karl Lagerfeld, while more unique three-dimensional art was provided by Jun Takahashi of Undercover from his Grace collection. Knits by Martin Margiela, silk gowns by Undercover and T-shirts with anime images of fashion icons (including Hedi Slimane, Marc Jacobs and Donatella Versace) gave the shop a diverse view of Japanese pop culture’s relationship with style.

Kawakubo and the editors of Vogue Nippon made sure that fashion reinforced its sense of humor, craft and retail innovation, without the boring attitude. At least someone in the fashion world is having fun.


That’s right! They just keep coming. We have yet another new intern joining us this summer. He’s from the LA area and this hybrid is fluent in Japanese. Hybrid baby… it’s all about hybrid.


‘My name is Bobby Bonaparte and I have one more year to finish at Occidental in Los Angeles.  I dig all things new and enjoy skateboarding, designing t-shirts, music and eating.  The W+K tokyo team looks awesome and I can’t wait to work with them!

僕の名前はボビーボナパートで、ロスのオクシ大学の4年生です。 新しい物は全部大好きで、ほかに好きな物はスケートをしたり、T-シャツを作ったり、音楽を聞いたり、食べ物を食べたりすることです。8年間ぐらい日本語を勉強したので、ペラペラじゃないですけど、日本語を話しましょう。W+Kの東京のチームは格好よさそうですから、一緒に仕事することを楽しみにしています!乾杯!’

Studio has a new MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Check out studio’s new management system. It was drawn by studio’s very own Jorta-kun. Now whenever anyone asks anyone down in studio what they are working on, they just point at the wall and let it speak for them.

Hey Eric. Nice turtle.