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Introducing ‘The Playface’

Playface is the new branding campaign for PlayStation in Japan. The integrated campaign features TV, web, print, out of home and Playface events that will last through end of 2009.

What is a “Playface”?

It’s that face you make when you are playing video games and concentrating so hard that you don’t even realize the kind of expressions you are making. Everyone has a different one. This campaign shows a cross section of Japanese gamers, displaying a range of emotions while playing PlayStation.

This campaign introduces PlayStation’s controller icon logo as its new visual identity, conveying how PlayStation triggers rich, interactive engagement. The new brand line summarizes the experience by simply stating, “Your heart will move more.” The campaign focused on the social insight that current Japan suffers from a general sense of indifference and lack of enthusiasm. The PlayStation experience offers the perfect prescription to this bland state of affairs.

We captured 50 people in the heat of gaming for our new PlayStation brand campaign that launched yesterday. Here are a few of the TV spots:

New York director Timothy Saccenti directed the Playface short films. London’s Dayn Williams edited up a storm to distinctively bring each face to life. W+K Tokyo LAB artist Jemapur added his touch to the soundtrack and sound design

The integrated campaign will include TV, a website, print, out of home, as well as a four month long ‘Playface Caravan’ where we will set out to capture as many consumer playfaces as we can as a part of a Japan wide contest.



PlayStation held a media event in Akihabara to unveil the redesigned PS3 and also introduce the Playface campaign. With all the cameras rolling, and the spots playing on the big screen, it felt more like a movie premiere than a press conference.






SCE President Shawn Layden showed off the new machine to the press …


… and SVP of Sales and Marketing Hoon Kim introduced the campaign …


The press checking out the sleek new PS3 …



And some of team that made it all happen … Akio Iida, Takemi Sakairi, Hoon Kim, Andrew Miller, Ted Yukawa and Kohei Adachi.