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Tokyo Game Show 2009

TGS was on this past weekend at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. It’s an annual event for the industry to show off all the latest gadgets and games. Unlike E3 in the US, the Tokyo Game Show allows the general public to attend during the final two days, and is therefore far more of a mob scene than E3.

Best to share the experience with photos, with a shameless emphasis on our client, PlayStation …

Welcome to TGS!







Kohei, Hoon and Andrew …


PlayStation’s ginormous screen …



“Hey playfacers! This is Miller reporting live from…”




Thanks to Davi Sing for all the great photos!

Best wishes to a great partner


Today’s blog post is to give a shout out to Meiwa Tei, our long time Nike client. That’s Tei, deep in thought.

The campaigns we’ve created with Tei’s “push it” spirit are countless. Presto, Waza, Japanet Air Max, FZT + NIKEPARK, Bukatsu, Freestyle Clash, Where’s the Next and IGNITE are just a few examples.

Tei kindly sent us a bunch of T-shirts with the phrase NO RAIN NO RAINBOW printed on them as a thank for our work on Nike Asia Pacific. He told us how he “got to know these words from W+K Tokyo’s 1F men’s bathroom.” We are happy that he could find inspiration inside our office. We’re also happy he used the men’s room instead of the ladies’.


Tei, here’s a photo of the crew. It’s been a wonderful ride. We all look forward to seeing you again soon and having the honor to work together again in the future on some more great creations.

Last but not least, thank you for being a great partner and friend to us all.

Sayonara (once again) to the Koban

As the country anxiously awaits the impact of the shift from the LDP to the DPJ, we here at W+K Tokyo are feeling the change already due to the disappearance of the Koban located right outside our office. The Koban has been a fixture while our next door neighbor, Finance Minister Yosano-san, has been in office. But, with the LDP’s ouster, Yosano-san lost his post, and we now lose our friendly neighborhood policemen. Given how frequently the country’s leadership changes, we’ve seen this koban go up and down 3-4 times in the last several years, so we won’t be surprised if we welcome them back again. Until then, sayonara.







Coming and Going

First off it’s time to say a BIG thanks to Lin Zi our Mainland, Cantonese, Japanese fluent hybrid Chinoise. She’s been helping us since early August on various projects most notably the Sony Playstation campaign and the Nike Women’s case study book.

Thanks for all the late nighters! Come back soon!


Also, we have two new interns! Everyone please welcome Tracy Hung and Winnie Ng.

Tracy is Taiwanese, via LA’s Art Center where Woog, Shane, Takeshi and +cruz went to school at. She will be with us for about 3 months sitting next to +cruz. Please welcome her. She will help with projects +cruz is involved with as well as any other projects that best fit her.


Winnie is from Hong Kong. She comes to us from Central Saint Martins in London, she graduated 3 years ago and has freelanced for a few companies as well as her own clients in New York. These days, she’s here studying at Temple University because shes always wanted to experience Japan. She thought it would be a good idea to work with us for a little bit.


They will both be working with +cruz for the next 3 months.

Birthday and book premiere for Shun!


Today is copywriter and resident aviation otaku Shun’s birthday. It also happens to be the release date for “Tsubasa wo kudasai” (“Freedom in the sky”), a novel by Maha Harada for which Shun served as “aviation advisor.”

Here’s what Shun had to say about the book …

This is a story originated in obsession of 2 airplane otakus (Yabe-san of Mori Building and myself) to connect lost female American aviator inspired by Amelia Earhart and “Nippon” — a Japan-built plane that made an around-the-world flight in 1939.

We’re lucky to get a great storyteller like Harada-san to make this book possible. Harada-san used to be a curator of Mori Art Museum and she is the one who introduced W+K to Mr. Mori, CEO of Mori Building, our client.

Shun and Harada-san

This evening, launch party (+my birthday party) will be held at Mainich Newspaper who is the publisher of the novel and also the organizer of 1939 “Nippon” flight, welcoming guests like families of 1939 “Nippon” crews, Vice Chairman of Mitsubishi Airplane Corporation who is in change of Japan’s first passenger jetliner MRJ, and Mr. Jun Takahashi, 87-year-old active pilot who flew the same type as “Nippon” during WWII.

The book is available at bookstore and online at amazon, so if you have chance, please read.

Congratulations Shun! And happy birthday!

今日はW+K東京のコピーライターで航空オタク、岩井俊介のバースデー。そしてまた、彼が「航空アドバイザー」として手伝ってきた原田マハさんの小説「翼をください~Freedom in the sky」の発売日でもあります。




この本はお近くの書店や、オンラインで購入するlことができますので、ぜひお読みになってみてください。帯のキャッチコピーは僕が書きました 」


おめでとう&ハッピーバースデー、 SHUN !