W+K Tokyo

Coming and Going

First off it’s time to say a BIG thanks to Lin Zi our Mainland, Cantonese, Japanese fluent hybrid Chinoise. She’s been helping us since early August on various projects most notably the Sony Playstation campaign and the Nike Women’s case study book.

Thanks for all the late nighters! Come back soon!


Also, we have two new interns! Everyone please welcome Tracy Hung and Winnie Ng.

Tracy is Taiwanese, via LA’s Art Center where Woog, Shane, Takeshi and +cruz went to school at. She will be with us for about 3 months sitting next to +cruz. Please welcome her. She will help with projects +cruz is involved with as well as any other projects that best fit her.


Winnie is from Hong Kong. She comes to us from Central Saint Martins in London, she graduated 3 years ago and has freelanced for a few companies as well as her own clients in New York. These days, she’s here studying at Temple University because shes always wanted to experience Japan. She thought it would be a good idea to work with us for a little bit.


They will both be working with +cruz for the next 3 months.