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12/3 来週木曜、渋谷のSECO BARにて、W+K Tokyo LabのレギュラーイベントVideo Music第2弾の開催が決定。今回は、HIFANAなどを中心としたレーベルアーティストに加え、オープンリール式のテープレコーダー4台を駆使した独創的なパフォーマンスで話題のOpen Reel Ensemble、 コーネリアスへの作品提供、Kiiiiiii のアルバムプロデュースで注目を集めるDJ Codomoをフィーチャー。また、強力なVJ陣には、W+K Tokyo Lab以外に、OHPなどを使い、レトロ・フューチャリスティックな映像世界を展開するVJユニットOnnacodomoなどが登場します。
On Thursday 12/3 at the SECO BAR in Shibuya, W+K Tokyo Lab’s regular event, “Video Music Vol.2 ” will be held. This time, in addition to the label artists such as HIFANA, Open Reel Ensemble, a group that creates original music with 4 open reel tape recorders, and DJ Codomo, who has provided works for Cornelius and produced Kiiiiiii’s album, will be featured. Also, W+K Tokyo Lab and VJ unit Onnacodomo, who creates retro-futuristic images using OHP, will be among strong VJs performing in the event. Come and join the party with great music, fresh visuals, and live performances.
W+K Tokyo Lab Presents
Video Music Vol.2
Date : 12.03.2009 (THURS) 21:00 doors
Place : SECO BAR 1-11-1 B1F Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo (http://secobar.jp/)
Price : 2,500 JPY
DJ Codomo
Reel Ensemble
Chinza Dopeness
Visuals :
W+K Tokyo Lab

*Video Musicとは、ハイブリッドをコンセプトに、数々のハイクオリティーな音楽+映像作品を世界に発信してきたレーベル W+K Tokyo Labによるラウンジパーティー。東京を拠点に、新しい表現の世界を切り開くクリエーターたちと、柔軟かつ鋭い感性で、時代を読み解くヒントを探すオーディエンスを結びつけるコミュニケーションの場として、2009年3月よりスタート。
Video Music is a regular party by W+K Tokyo Lab, who has been creating and introducing high quality music + visual works to the world. It started in March 2009 as a communication spot for Tokyo based creators pushing the boundaries of creative expression, and the audience, the people searching for hints to understand the era with flexibility and sensitivity.

The 1st ever international W+K Moustache Competition


Things have been a bit hairy around here ever since W+K London kicked off the 1st global W+K moustache competition. The moustache wax has been flying, and today is voting day. We’re not sure how W+K Tokyo will fare v. some of our hairier bretheren, but Akio is off to a good start.

New Shanghai ECD


Tokyo’s not the only office in the region with new ECDs. W+K Shanghai recently announced that Nick Barham has been promoted to co-executive creative director. Nick was previously the Director of Planning and is the first planning director in W+K history to be promoted to a creative director position.

Congratulations Nick!

Speed + art

A bit of older news, but still worth blogging! Google recently introduced new Artist Themes for its Chrome browser. A wide variety of Japanese artists were featured, including vocaloid Miku Hatsune, popular TV animation K-ON!, figure dolls of Good Smile Company, and W+K Tokyo Lab artist Hifana. W+K made a movie posters to promote the new themes and for the launch party held in Aoyama (we did not, however, make the cake.)





Double the love

Omedeto to Hiromu and his wife who welcomed twin sons Koa and Liko into the world on November 1st. Word is they are going to make their way home this week after a long stay in the hospital … definitely something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

Here they are on their birthday …

… and more recently (they’ve already grow a lot — will no doubt be surfing soon!)