W+K Tokyo

Bonenkai 2009

As we bring another year to a close, W+K once again threw a bonenkai to remember. In addition to usual great food, beer, and sake keg, this year’s event included a bizarre iron chef cook off with 4 competing teams.

Andrew demonstrated his okonomiyaki cooking skills with the help of Chucky, whose hands did the cooking while she was hidden behind Andrew’s back.


Kumiko and Mark served up tequila and nachos in a “Mexican bandit” theme.


Ted and Mag prepared an impressive array of Italian food including steak tartare, pasta vongole and bananas flambe — the quality of the food, drama of the flames and fantastic opera music all helped them win the competition.


Finally, Simone and Shuhei served up sadistic sushi roulette, with some pieces laden with insane amounts of wasabi.


The main event of the night, however, was an arm wrestling match to find out which of our 2 new ECDs was the strongest. Both countries were represented well. Shingo did the honors of singing the Japanese national anthem under the rising sun …


Frank looked slightly nervous under his native German flag …


We expected an even fight, but Naoki made quick work of Frank, definitively claiming the title of W+K Tokyo Arm Wrestling Champion.


Master of Ceremonies Shig prepared the belt.

Naoki proudly claimed his prize.

Michiyo was the early victor in the women’s competition, shown here beating Yuko.


Frank, Kumiko, Naoki, Trish, Sue, Shig and Yutaka.

Happy Bonenkai everyone!