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The studio had its own Bonenkai last Friday and we also brought along a few familiar faces with us. The night started off with a set course dinner at ROTI just around Roppongi Hills, with an all you can drink option. Afterwards we made our way to a trendy little bar that Shuhei picked out in Nishi Azabu. The 15min walk felt like an hour since we were walking in the rain, and not to mention pretty げんき from all that booze we attempted to drink. Once we arrived at our second location it was a very intimate party, low lighting by candle light, exotic drinks, and deep conversation.dsc_5747.jpgdsc_5783.jpgdsc_5787.jpgdsc_5805.jpgdsc_5807.jpgdsc_5809.jpgdsc_5817.jpgdsc_5821.jpgdsc_5843.jpgdsc_5846.jpgdsc_5859.jpgdsc_5871.jpgdsc_5910.jpgdsc_5938.jpg

Ready for X'mas?

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Video Music Vol.2
12/3 Thursday, 2009 at Seco bar in Shibuya

W+K Tokyo Lab’s regular event, “Video Music Vol.2 ”, was held at Seco Bar in Shibuya last night. Despite of the bad weather, approximately 200 people showed up and the show was a big success.  The party started with a live performance by Open Reel Ensemble using 4 open reel tape recorders, and was followed by a live by DJ Codomo.  By the time Chinza Dopeness started his set around 11pm, the party was in full swing.  After that, KEIZOmachine! from Hifana played a hybrid DJ set creating a “live” vibe, and the closing was done by Jemapur. Jemapur’s sensibility in selecting tracks and creating collages was fantastic as always. Also, the night was filled with strong visuals by W+K Tokyo Lab, Onnacodomo, and Takcom. In terms of quality and diversity in visual projection, the level was overwhelmingly high.

12/3 来週木曜、渋谷のSECO BARにて、W+K Tokyo Labのレギュラーイベント Video Music 第2弾が、渋谷のSECO BARで行われた。 あいにくの雨にもかかわらず、約200名が来場。 ショウは大成功。オープンリール式のテープレコーダー4台を駆使したOpen Reel Ensembleによる独創的なパフォーマンスで幕を開けたパーティーは、DJ Codomoによるフレッシュなライブへと続き、11時すぎからの鎮座Dopenessの段階で会場の盛り上がりも最高潮。その後、HifanaのKEIZOmachine!によるハイブリッドで、ライブ感あふれるDJセットへと続き、1時まわってからのクロージングは、Jemapur。どこかポップさを感じさせながら、鋭くエッジの聞いた選曲コラージュのセンスは、いつも通り最高の状態。W+K Tokyo Lab, Onnacodomo, Takcomらによる強力なVJ陣も素晴らしく、ヴィジュアル・プロジェクションにおける質、スタイルの幅という点で圧倒的なレベルを実現していた。



















You can now create your own search stories, and get a trophy or a MacBook. Go visit Sagasou (Search on) site and upload your movie onto youtube. Closing date for application is January 18th!

The results are in!

Tokyo fared well in the 1st ever international W+K moustache competition, with Tomoko taking top prize in the “Woustach” category for her ‘stache’s “beautiful shape and finish.” Well done Tomoko.


From W+K London’s blog …


25 years ago the thought of hosting a moustache competition between offices in the likes of Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Portland, London, all within the space of 24 hours, would have seemed preposterous.

As it happens, we managed almost 100 moustaches in 7 offices, and raised over £350 for Prostrate cancer charity. We finally have the votes in which decided the global shortlist, but first here’s a few facts gathered from the day.

– Dan Wieden currently employs 2 cats. Both with moustaches.
– We have a WWF wrestler working in New York.


– Burt Reynolds works in the Amsterdam office (naked), whilst two Italian plumbers work here in W+K London.


– Portland is significantly better than London at voting.
– It’s of course the girls who prove that ignoring the rules and thinking outside of the box can lead to more interesting results.


So now the moment you’ve been waiting for:

The winners have been selected:

Best Woustache: Tomoko – Tokyo! Beautiful shape and finish. (pictured above)

Best Tom Selleck: Chris Thurman – PDX. Fantastic form. A true match to a classic cut. Chris also pics 2 more accolades for the worst shirt, and most effort. On Monday his outfit included deck shoes, faded acid wash jeans, and he attempted to secure two miniature Doberman pinchers for the day to complete the look.

Best Moustache: Rajesh Bhargava – Delhi. So good few others in India dared to challenge.


Well done all. We have a small trophy to send each of you.

So onto some local results (apologies for an typos):

W+K Amsterdam:
Best Moustache – Barney Hobson
Best Tom Selleck – Jonas Vail
Best Woustache – Wendy Richardson

W+K Delhi:
Best Moustache – Rajesh Bhargava
Best Tom Selleck – Kishore
Best Woustache – (There were no entries in this category).

W+K London:
Best Moustache – James Guy
Best Tom Selleck – Pat Mckay
Best Woustache – The twins – Jacqueline Hall and Teresa Bailey

W+K New York:
Best Moustache – Seth Gaffney
Best Tom Selleck – Kurt ‘Reynolds’ Lenard Best Woustache – Cat

W+K Portland:
Best Moustache – Evan Dumas
Best Tom Selleck – Chris Thurman
Best Woustache – Jess Price – Steel Wool Stache

W+K Shanghai:
Best Moustache – Andrew Wilcox
Best Tom Selleck – Robert Danino
Best Woustache – Anne Halvorson

W+K Tokyo:
Best Moustache – Akio Ida
Best Tom Selleck – (There was no-one to note in this category).
Best Woustache – Tomoko

There really are too many other marvels to mention, but yes, NYC really did vote for a cat.

And some thanks.
Big thank-you’s to everyone who took part. And even bigger thank-you’s go to Katie Meadows (Amsterdam), Chinar Joshi (Delhi), Jason Clement & Kurt lenard (NYC) Evan Dumas (Portland), Akio Ida (who even provided moustache making materials for all of Tokyo), &, last by no means least Mehreen Ozdemir (Shanghai).

Till next time.