W+K Tokyo


The studio had its own Bonenkai last Friday and we also brought along a few familiar faces with us. The night started off with a set course dinner at ROTI just around Roppongi Hills, with an all you can drink option. Afterwards we made our way to a trendy little bar that Shuhei picked out in Nishi Azabu. The 15min walk felt like an hour since we were walking in the rain, and not to mention pretty げんき from all that booze we attempted to drink. Once we arrived at our second location it was a very intimate party, low lighting by candle light, exotic drinks, and deep conversation.dsc_5747.jpgdsc_5783.jpgdsc_5787.jpgdsc_5805.jpgdsc_5807.jpgdsc_5809.jpgdsc_5817.jpgdsc_5821.jpgdsc_5843.jpgdsc_5846.jpgdsc_5859.jpgdsc_5871.jpgdsc_5910.jpgdsc_5938.jpg