W+K Tokyo

Welcome to Tokyo, Googlers!

Every year, the young and the brightest of the newly joined Google employees make a trip around the world to learn about culture and market outside of their countries. Today’s crew included folks from the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam and Russia. They stopped in Japan before continuing on to Taiwan and India (nice orientation!). W+K was asked to introduce ourselves, share our philosophy and the work we have done in Tokyo.

Trish and Yuko ready for action:

Presentation started out with good laughter.

We fielded lots of great questions. For example: What makes a great client? Our answer: shared values, a desire to do great work, a spirit of collaboration, and, of course, nice people who we like to spend time with. We’re lucky to have a great list of clients who fit that bill, including Google Japan.


Seeing off Googlers


Quite a sight to see them flooding the street of Roppongi. It was a very fun session with interesting discussions and lots of good laughs. Please come back again next year!