W+K Tokyo

B-boy in da house!

This super hip-hop B-BOY RUNNER sculpture is done by an artist, Taku Obata. He is one of the hottest upcoming artists in Tokyo. W+K Tokyo’s charismatic art buyer Akio met Taku and thought his sculpture would be perfect for our entrance. Please come by our office and meet our B-BOY, yo!
弊社のエントランスでは、今日からしばらくB-BOYがみなさんをお迎えします。これは、今トウキョウで最もアツいアーティストの一人、小畑多丘(おばたたく)さんのB-BOY RUNNERという彫刻作品です。弊社アートバイヤー、Akio E-daがTakuさんの作品と出会い、これから少しの間W+KのエントランスでB-BOYをお預かりさせていただけることになりました。ぜひぜひみなさん遊びに来てくださいね。弊社のB-BOYがみなさんをHIP-HOPにお迎えします!
B-BOY and Taku Obata

KMD students visit W+K

Students from Keio Media Design came to visit our office today and gave us a presentation of “navinko”. “navinko” is their project which is audio augmented social networking and navigation for urban bicycle riders. They came to see us last year and today they came back to us for the second time around with more developed and well-thought-out presentation. Thank you “navinko” team for coming and it was great to see you guys again! Please keep us updated!!