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Naoki in the news


Naoki was just featured in an Ad Age article on “creatives you should know.” Here’s what they had to say …

Naoki Ito, executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, Tokyo, has little regard for boundaries when it comes to advertising. To wit, some of his branding projects have included music-making shoes, boy bands outfitted in cameras and dragons lurking on the walls of a high-rise building.

The latter is an assignment Mr. Ito worked on as a top creative at Japanese shop GT Inc, called “Big Shadow.” The interactive outdoor experience allowed passersby to turn their own shadows into massive beasts, to promote Xbox’s “Blue Dragon” game. For Nikon, he strapped multiple cameras onto members of the band Helicopter Boyz until they looked like cyborgs, in an outlandish on-stage demonstration of the camera’s projector feature.

Ito’s path through the agency world might help to explain his approach. He started as a promotional planner at Japanese agency ADK and eight years later shifted to the creative department. He eventually launched the agency’s interactive group and “from there, I wanted to seamlessly fuse mass media, interactive, PR and promotion, so I moved to GT in July 2006,” he said. “It may be hard to believe, but at GT I was playing the role of a creative director, art director, copywriter, interactive and PR.”

That mishmash of skills is coming in handy now that he’s an executive creative director at Wieden Tokyo, a post he’s held since joining the agency in November. Currently, he’s juggling some 40 projects for clients such as Nike and Google, including the recent “Music Shoe” video promoting Nike Free Run Plus.

“It’s important to find a [point of view] before finding taglines and visuals,” Mr. Ito said. “In an integrated campaign, it’s necessary to integrate ‘experience’ and ‘structure.’ The internet exists for not only information, but to provide interactive experiences; that interactivity leads advertising to the next level.”

Yohei's Last Supper

This past Friday was Yohei’s last day at W+K, and per his request, he cooked an amazing meal for the entire agency to, as he put it, “give back a part of what W+K has given me this past 6 years.” Yohei is not only good with numbers, he’s also good with gourmet cooking. The food — including fresh bamboo shoots he dug up himself, two amazing pastas, and his signature omelets — was stunning and delicious. Yohei, we’ll miss you … but we’ll see you often and wish you all the best in your exciting new gig! If for any reason you decide you’re tired of finance, we’re pretty sure you can open a successful restaurant!



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The interns have arrived!


Welcome to Robbin Ingvarsson and Waldemar Wegelin who will be working at W+K Tokyo for the next 3 months as part of their Hyper Island postgraduate program, where they are both enrolled as Interactive Art Directors.

Despite a few initial issues with lost baggage and an apartment that apparently had no toilet (?!), they are now settling in nicely, and made it to the office on their first night to enjoy a beer with the W+K Tokyo crew.


Robbin is a 27-year-old Swede who studied media and communication at the University of Uppsala, followed by a BA in Graphic Design & Communication at University of Linköping. He describes himself as someone who “starts his day early to art direct his hair” and believes in “working hard and eating hard.”

Waldemar, also 27-years-old, hails from Kazakhstan. He studied communication design at Design Factory International in Hamburg, Germany, earned BA in creative advertising at Buckinghamshire University in Great Britain, and held an internship at W+K London. Wal was born in the Soviet Union, but as he says, after they re-branded his part Kazakhstan he’s had to deal with Borat jokes daily.

Robbin and Wal have been keeping a website and blog of their adventures, and as you can see below, they’ve already updated their site to reflect their new home.


We’ve wasted no time in briefing them on projects, so they’re off to the races. Glad to have you both on board!