W+K Tokyo

A visit to Google's mothership

After finishing management meetings in Sausalito, Trish, Frank and Naoki headed to Mountain View to visit the Google mothership. Our client Devin was nice enough to give us a rock star tour. We quickly realized that it’s no wonder Google is so successful — they’ve created an environment so idyllic that no one ever needs to leave!

View overlooking the outdoor dining area. We saw at least 3 cafeterias. Naoki was psyched they had sushi.

Beach volleyball anyone?

And yes, a pool. A lap pool, but still, a pool.

You can drop off your laundry where magic Google elves will take care of it for you.

One of many coffee bars inside Google’s offices.

They didn’t know what to do w/the extra doors, so they hung them on the walls.

Need IT help … just swing by the friendly neighborhood tech stop (no doubt open 24/7.)


A globe that shows Google search activity all over the world.

A lot of famous people visit Google. This Googler has made it his mission to photograph himself with all the celebrity visitors.

A convenient haircut winnebago (Frank contemplates taking advantage of the service.)