W+K Tokyo


I am Japanese.
Everything starts now.
The world will take notice and doubt will be erased.
I am a defender that will attack in a split second.
Prayers will be answered.
One moment will last for eternity.
One game.
One play.
And everything will change.

Marcus Tulio Tanaka


Football history is written on the pitch. One single moment can change everything. And we changed the face of the Nike Harajuku initiative zone to activate and get Japan to rally around the player who represents fight, will, and inspiration. We produced a life-size statue made out of a large block of plaster to celebrate Marcus Tulio Tanaka and his moment to Write the Future.

Footballers and fans can tweet their “fighting spirit” at our campaign website at http://nike.jp/football/future/. We are selecting the best comments to then be carved onto the statue at Nike Harajuku. Four cameras are set-up capturing the carving live via Ustream so go to the site and tweet your comments!

Special thanks to Rhizomatiks, the Kawasaki Robot Division,Taiyo Kikaku, Yusuke Tanaka, San Takashima, Hirukawa-san, Akiko Fukuda, Beacon, Root Communications, Deltro, Timetron, and of course the W+K team which includes Frank, Naoki, Shig, Naoki Ga, Kuyama, Rokutan, Kohei, Yoko, Hiromi, Simone, Shuhei, and Dai.

The campaign is live now. More to come soon so stay tuned!

闘莉王選手が日本サッカーの未来をかきかえるような活躍をみせてくれることを願い、Twitterを通じて集められたメッセージを等身大の闘莉王選手の像(Statue)に刻んでいきます。NIKE原宿に設置される闘莉王選手の等身大の像の表面にドリルで刻み込まれていきます。闘う気持ちをTwitterで刻め!まだまだメッセージ受付中。#闘う_ とともに闘う気持ちをつぶやいて、NIKE原宿ストアでドリルに刻まれる瞬間を目撃してください!

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