W+K Tokyo

A gaggle of Googlers


The newest group of Google Associate Product Managers visited our office today to learn about the latest trends in Japan and see some of the work we’ve been up to. As part of Google’s training program, APMs travel to foreign Google offices to meet fellow employees, learn about markets and soak up local culture. Tokyo was just one stop on their 2 week global tour.

As usual, lots of bright people, and good discussion. You can read more about the APM program here.

Bon voyage guys — enjoy the rest of your journey!

New faces

A few new faces in the hallways …

Welcome to Thomas Birkhahn, who is freelancing with us as an art director. Thomas was born in Germany, has been living in Japan since childhood, and speaks perfect Japanese.

Welcome as well to Johan Prag, who hails from Sweden, has been living in Japan for 6 years, and is also freelancing as an art director.

And last but not least, welcome to Ayako Watanabe, who after living in the US for 13 years recently returned to Japan to join W+K as our Finance Manager.

ROCK rocks in Cannes!

As one of the Young Cannes participants this year, Takayuki Rokutan a.k.a. Rock needed to show his fighting spirit provocatively. So last Friday night, Shingo art directed his “Cannes hair”. The letter on his head is a Japanese character, which means six (roku in Japanese). Go Rokutan! Rock rocks in Cannes!!!

Bubbly for Yuko

In contrast to the usual W+K BBQ and keg, we had a lovely and refined soirez on Friday — with champagne, flowers and tasty morsels — for the lovely and refined YukoH.


Yuko gets the 1st pour of Dom Pérignon

Chef Mako and Yuko

Yumiko, Yuko and Hiromi

Yuko with gifts

Yuko and her groom, Yohei

Enjoy the break, and come back to visit often!

HIFANA "hanabeam" ranked top on itunes


「1日:24時間」というコンセプトのもと、朝起きてから寝るまでに起きる様々なことをテーマに12の音楽、映像作品を制作したHIFANAのニューアルバム「24H」から、3曲のリード・トラックと、「Hanabeam」「Lan Lan」ミュージックビデオ2本が、iTunes Japanで世界初公開。リリースと同時に「Hanabeam」が、ソング・チャート、ビデオ・チャートで、1位にランクイン。現在、iTunes Storeのトップページにてフィーチャーされています。今ならHIFANA.COMにて全12楽曲が視聴できます。7月28日の発売まであとわずか!前作で国内外のクリエイティブシーンの話題をさらった”WAMONO”を超える作品との声が早くも多数寄せられている今回の作品、iTunesにて曲は¥150、ビデオは¥300にて発売中です。リリースの詳細はW+K Tokyo Labにて!

From HIFANA’s new album “24H”, three lead tracks and music video of HANABEAM and Lan Lan made its world premiere in iTunes Japan store today, and “Hanabeam” ranked top in both song / video chart!!! It has been featured on the top page of iTunes store in Japan. Please access HIFANA.COM for sample listening to all the 12 tracks. Enjoy! W+K Tokyo Lab