W+K Tokyo

New PlayStation campaign

On July 27, W+K launched a new campaign for PlayStation® in Japan. The idea evolves around talk sessions between the 2 elite personalities of the “World of All Purposeness.” The work is Japanese dialogue heavy. So, if you don’t speak Japanese yet, grab a Japanese speaking friend and watch his or her reaction. Below are a few of the web films which are long versions of the TV spots. More to come!

特設サイト (http://www.playstation.com/banno) もあります。これから様々な企画を予定しています。今後の動向にもご期待ください。

HIFANA 24H is out!


The wait is over! From the duo who brought you the Music shoe, Hifana’s new album “24H” released yesterday. And if we must say so ourselves, it’s their best release to date! Based on the concept of “1 day : 24 hours,” the album is made up of 12 audio/video tracks featuring different events that occur throughout the day.  The production was the result of a collaboration between Hifana, W+K Tokyo Lab and over 15 up-and-coming visual creators. In addition to Hifana, guest musical artists include UA, SPINNA B-ILL, TWIGY, CHINZA DOPENESS, LEYONA, YOHEI MIYAKE, MITSUYOSHI AZUMA and Keyco. The video for the album’s lead track “HANABEAM” will be screened at SIGGRAPH2010 this summer.

C’mon. You know you want it. To get your hot little hands on 24H, click here to buy

あの MUSIC SHOE で演奏していた HIFANAのニューアルバム 「24H」がついに昨日リリースされました! 「1日:24時間」というコンセプトのもと、朝起きてから寝るまでに起こりうる様々な場面をテーマに W+K Tokyo Lab とのコラボレーションによって制作されたCD+DVDです。12曲のトラックに加え、DVDにはW+K Tokyo Labを始め、国内外のヴィジュアル・クリエイター15名以上とのコラボレーションで制作された映像12本を収録。花火の爆発音のサンプリング・サウンドによるリードトラック「祭 / HANABEAM」を中心に、12のフレッシュかつタイトなトラックに仕上がっている。ゲストには、UA、SPINNA B-ILL、TWIGY、鎮座DOPENESS、LEYONA、三宅洋平、吾妻光良、Keycoなどが参加。「祭 / HANABEAM」のミュージックビデオは、SIGGRAPH2010にて上映が決定!

HIFANA史上最高傑作と言われている CD+DVD “24H” はここから今すぐ買えまーす!

breakfast club vol.1

W+K Tokyo’s proud Swedish team Wal+Robbin kindly formed Breakfast Club so that we can all wake up early and come to the office for the morning pleasure. Of course, they served Swedish breakfast for the kick off of the club this morning.
This KALLES was on the top of the sandwiches. We don’t exactly know what it is, but it’s fishy and salty.
Swedish sweets. Licorice and pepper flavors. Takemi’s face turned sour.

The chefs. Thanks Wal+Robbin! It was DELICIOUS!!

Hiromi and Emilie


Emilie made Hiromi a sweet little notebook so she can record all her adventures in India.

Hiromi's big adventure


Today is last day we’ll be seeing Hiromi for awhile. She leaves tomorrow to fly off to India to lend her pro art buying skills to W+K Delhi. Namaste Hiromi … we’ll see you in a few months!