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Lunch with… Vol.2

We invited Kotaro Watanabe, a design engineer from takram for our lunch time session. He introduced us his previous works and actually brought one of his works “furumai”. It was inspirational 2 hours. Thank you for coming, Kotaro! We will all come visit takram for the beer party. Please be ready;)
Kuki’s Lunch with vol.2. menu: Dried curry with saffron rice and coleslaw.


Google Place Campaign グーグルプレイスキャンペーン開始!

Did you know that one out of five searchs made around the world has something to do with geographical locations?
Google Place is where you can find all sorts of information about places – such as reviews, photos, maps, business hours etc.

On August 23, we launched Google Place campaign in Shibuya.


In this campaign, Google collaborated with 500 stores in Shibuya and we produced 160 different kinds of Google Pin Shaped fans – those fans will come out on September 6.

This campaign is a testimonial of Google, dedicated to give useful tools to everyone… be it a big department store or a small sushi restaurant and help them connect with people who are looking for information about places.

We also produced an interview video of shop owners in Shibuya- it was rather produced quickly (in 10 days!) but we love how Tokiwa san, the director captured the real voices of people in Shibuya.

ECD:Frank Hahn, Naoki Ito
Associate Creative Director: Yutaka Tsujino
Art Director: Thomas Birkhahn
Designer: Akira Fujii, Shu Fukushima / J.C. Spark
Print Manager: Yoko Onodera
Shop Coordinator : Hisaya Murata

Online Communication + Film Production: Yoshikazu Ishihata
Film Script: Yoshi + Takayuki Rokutan
Agency Producer : Kana Wakabayashi
Director: Shiro Tokiwa
Producer: Hiroki Nakasone (Dance Not Act)

Account Service: Yuko Matsunaga, Yuka Fujibayashi

Jingumae Hanabi 2010

Once again… it’s hanabi season here in Japan and the last few weeks have been pretty good for hanabi festivals. Jingumae is probably one of the last BIG ONES of the season and some of us WK PEEPS went last night and here is our hanabi report.

This year security was beefed up with even less places to see the fireworks up close without paying 2,000-6,000JPY for a nice view. However, us experienced hanabi watchers knew about this little spot where you can watch them close up, with minimum crowds, and places to buy cold beer without any lines.

And yes… the angle is the exact same from last years Jingumae hanabi report… but what are you going to do? Better than nothing at all right?






New York invasion

ECD Jerome and Strategic Planner Lauren, both from the NY office, descended upon Tokyo this week. Lauren was here helping on a new biz pitch, and Jerome was in town on vacation. It didn’t take long for Jerome’s holiday mood to rub off on W+K Tokyo. Rumor has it the party went on until they shut down every bar in Roppongi. Great having you guys — you’re welcome back any time!




This photo was taken right before Jermone tendered his resignation as ECD in NY to accept a position as receptionist at W+K Tokyo.

It's a boy.

Meet the new born baby boy of Yoshi.
Yet to be named… but already showing Yoshi’s look!