W+K Tokyo

Climbing Mt. Fuji

This is slightly old news but earlier this month two of our designers completed the overnight hike up to the summit of Mt. Fuji to see the sunrise. Here are some photos from that boot camp style hike.

We started walking from the 5th station (2,000m) at around 9pm. You can see lake Yamanaka in this photo and over the mountain range is where Tokyo starts.


After about 7 difficult hours of my life we decided to find a spot near the top of the summit and wait for sunrise.


And then it happened… the sun rose and everything slowly started to light up.


Some 10,000 people must have been climbing up the mountain that night over several different trails because near the top we experienced HUGE traffic jams that were moving about 1 meter for every 5 minutes… it was not pleasant because it was also below freezing.


And the lines ups were still very long so we decided to climb down for a bit and take another trail we found that had very little people on it to finish our hike to the summit.


Once everything was bright… we realized just how high we were. The summit is at about 3,776 m (11,388ft), at that hight the huge forest below us that we hiked through at night appeared as nothing more than a giant patch of grass, and we could give a birds eye weather report for most of the regions in plain sight.


The hike itself was very difficult, but the sunrise and the view melts all of that pain away and you feel like you’re on top of the world… at least until you start the hike back down.