W+K Tokyo

Lunch with… Vol.3

HITSFAMILY were our third guest for the lunch time presentation!


Arata Sasaki: Editor in chief of HITSPAPER and an organizer of design conference HIGH5.


Rie Hosokai daisy balloon: balloon artist.


Subaru Matsukura: Editor in chief of your-unknown-music.

Takashi Kawada: Art director.

They introduced us the theory behind HITSPAPER and the variety of projects HITSFAMILY is involved. And all the girls were super excited to see daisy balloon’s balloon dress and balloon bouquet! They were gorgeous. Thank you so much for coming HITSFAMILY! Maybe we’ll see you guys on the rooftop with beers!
Kuki’s Lunch with Vol.3 menu: Fried rice and shabushabu pork with fried eggplant salad.