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So, our mash up experiment most definitely shook things up and changed the game on September 2nd. “Nike Sportswear presents MORE THAN THE BEAT – Awakening Tokyo Running” was held last Thursday with some amazing results. It recorded the highest number of viewers of the night. Many viewers commented on how deep and intriguing the talk session with Jun Takahashi, Dai Tamesue and DEXPISTOLS was. Brian Burton Lewis was an amazing host. A very deep music crowd was moved by the event concept of the running x music mash up. There were many tweets about how “amazing,” “unthinkable,” and “mind blowing” the approach was. We were so thrilled to be able to write a part of this new page of the social media history by remixing Ustream live streaming, twitter and sport.

Number of viewers:

・ DOMMUNE main channel: 35,324
・ NSW-DOMMUNE1 (sub channel 1): 11,782
・ NSW-DOMMUNE2 (sub channel 2): 9,517

・ DOMMUNE main channel: 3,571
・ NSW-DOMMUNE1 (sub channel 1): 1,650
・ NSW-DOMMUNE2 (sub channel 2): 9,517

#DOMMUNE total tweet: 640

Here’s a big shout out to:
NIKE! + Master Ukawa, Jenna san and their DOMMUNE staff, BBL, DJ MAAR, DJ Daruma, Jun Takahashi, Dai Tamesue,鎮座 (CHINZA) DOPENESS, WARP Nakano san, Jamgle Jam, Daiko, ROOT Communications, Beacon, Hirukawa kun, AKIO, Hiro and the W+K crew.

Nike Sportswearが行った初の実験的試みは大成功に終わりました。
9月2日、先週の木曜日、Nike Sportswear presents MORE THAN THE BEAT 覚醒スル東京ランニングが素晴らしい結果を残して開催されました。
瞬間視聴者数が当日の世界一。東京中が、Nike Sportswearだけが作り出すことができるエキサイティングな夜に酔いしれたことでしょう。USTREAMのライブストリーミング、ツイッター、そしてリアルなイベントの融合により、ソーシャルメディアの歴史に新たな1ページを加えました。

■Dommuneメインチャンネル 35,324
■NSW-DOMMUNE1 11,782
■NSW-DOMMUNE2  9,517

■Dommuneメインチャンネル 3,571