W+K Tokyo

Under water

Yesterday’s typhoon created an unexpected water feature at W+K Tokyo. The waterfall was entertaining at first … until we realized it wasn’t stopping, and the drains weren’t working.


Before we knew it, water was knee-deep in the basement patio …




… we tried to block the doors to Studio, but we couldn’t stop the flood. Studio was filled with ankle-deep water which made its way all the way back to the server room. Luckily we were able to unplug all the computer equipment and lift it off the floor.


The bucket brigade helped bail us out as much as possible before we were able to get proper vacuum pumps in to get rid of the rest of the water.

Good news is that all the computers and server are working. Bad news is that Studio’s going to be displaced for awhile so we can replace all the cabling and floors downstairs.

Here’s hoping typhoon season is over. Thanks to all our clients for bearing with us yesterday while we were temporarily out of commission!

Shingo and Will didn’t waste any time creating this promotional poster for Simone …