W+K Tokyo

Wednesday night fever

With visitors in town from Portland and some big departures & arrivals, Wednesday was time to party. Unnecessary feather boas, barrels of sake, tears, woodblock print graffiti storytelling and glow sticks all played important roles. Good luck back at the mother ship Trish! We will miss you!

Trish and Dave.


Frank giving a memorable speech for Trish.

Tammy (before crying) presents a special gift to Trish. It’s a plastic eggplant gyoza (her favorite) freshly made in Asakusa.

Trish wearing Shachou tasuki (the sash that says MD of W+K Tokyo).

Now the tasuki is passed on to our new MD, Blake Harrop.

Michiyo presented Blake’s portrait-as-Prince Shotoku. The portraits have become a W+K Tokyo tradition.

Emilie, Hiromi and Akio made Trish’s dream come true. Trish always to wanted to have a Japanese block print so Emilie drew all the Trish’s memories and happenings in the last 5 years and they carved it.

The theme for the feast was “Trish’s most favorite Roppongi soul food”.

Eggplant gyoza from Asahi shokudo.



That’s the new TVCM for PS3 with GT5!

MORE/ Googleで、もっとキャンペーンスタート!

キャンペーンがスタートしてから時間がたってしまいましたが、11月19日から「MORE/ グーグルで、もっと。」キャンペーンがスタートしました。
It’s already been a month since the start of the campaign.. More/ Google de motto campaign started on November 19.

The campaign aimed to let people know that there are a lot more you can do with Google to make your life faster, easier and more fun!

キャンペーンサイトもご覧ください! Here‘s campaign site.

画像検索でファッションショー / Fashion Show with Image Search

クロームでストリートライブ / Streetlive with Chrome

Credit :

Executive Creative Director Frank Hahn フランク ハーン Naoki Ito 伊藤直樹

[Fashion Show]

Associate Creative Director Yutaka Tsujino 辻野裕
Art Director/ Copy Writer Waldemar Wegelin, Robbin Ingvarsson

[Chrome Streetlive]
Associate Creative Director/ Copy writer :Yutaka Tsujino 辻野裕
Art Director : Thomas Hikaru Birkhahn  トーマス光ビルクハーン

[Fashion Show/ Street Live 共通]
Film Director: Kosai Sekine 関根光才
DP : Naoki Noda 野田直樹

Agency Producer:San Takashima 高島サン
Kana Wakabayashi: 若林佳奈

Production : Robot Communications Inc., 株式会社ロボット

Account: Ted Yukawa, Yuko matsunaga, Mariko Tsuji


[Fashion Show]

Naomi Yamaguchi 山口尚美
Risa Jozuka 定塚理沙
Miwako Wagatsuma 我妻三輪子
Saya Yamakawa 山川紗弥

Music Company: Eclectic
Music Performance/Singer:Scanners

[Chrome Street live]
Assistant Film Director Yuzuru Tatebe 建部譲

Music/ Cast : 世武裕子 Hiroko Sebu

Music and casting : グランドファンク 

Lunch with…vol.5

2010’s last guest for Lunch with… was Tota Hasegawa/ Tomato. Tota was here almost 5 years ago with another member of Tomato, Simon Taylor. We were all excited about his return and the collection of works he presented to us. He is traveling back and forth between Tokyo and London, and we were lucky enough to book his time for us.
It was so great to have you back, Tota! Please come again.

His book 『モノサシに目印』 is really popular among wk peeps!

Today’s lunch menu: Yakiniku onigiri(rice ball with BBQ beef), satoimo miso soup


Welcome to our new photo wall gallery

Those of you who have visited our office before might be familiar with the wall of photos at the entrance. It’s a tradition for all our global offices to have photos of people who work there on display. It’s not only an introduction of our people but also shows W+K’s philosophy of valuing people above anything else.


We were all naked in the former version, but this time, we decided to go crazy. Here are some previews. Please come visit us anytime to enjoy the entire gallery. Lots of surprises.