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一本のたすきをつなぎながら長距離リレーをする駅伝。リレーがつながればつながるほど、前の走者たちの汗と努力がそのたすきに込められて、そして次の走者に渡されていく。そんな駅伝の魅力を誰もが体験できるTHE GLOBAL EKIDEN RELAY – RUN Fwd:がいよいよ1/4 9:00よりスタートしました!RUN Fwd:は、世界で最長の駅伝チームを競う、かつてないレースです。メールで次の走者を指名しながら、実際の駅伝さながらにチームの走りを積み重ねていきます。さあ、あなたも第1走者になってじぶんから始まったチームの走りがどれだけつながっていくか、トライしてみてください!nikerunfwd.jpでエントリー受付中。

The Ekiden involves running a long distance relay while linking up a sash (“tasuki”). The more the relay connects, the more sweat and effort from the previous runners is added into that sash, and then passed on to the next runner.THE GLOBAL EKIDEN RELAY – RUN Fwd: that allows everyone to experience the magic of Ekiden finally started on January 4h at 09:00 !RUN Fwd: is an unprecedented race where teams contend to be the longest Ekiden team in the world.While appointing the next runner by email, the team’s runs accumulate just like the actual Ekiden.So, why don’t you step up as the first runner, and see for yourself just how far the run of the team you started connects!Currently accepting entries at nikerunfwd.jp
*Participation requires a product equipped with Nike+ and a Nike+ account.
*Participation in the race is free of charge.

CLIENT: Nike Japan
Advertising/Digital Manager: Mits Minowa (簔輪光浩)
AGENCY: Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo
Executive Creative Director: Frank Hahn (フランク・ハーン), Naoki Ito(伊藤直樹)
Director/Editor/Animator: Genki Ito (伊東玄己)
Art Director: Naoki Ga (何直己)
Copy Writer: Hiroshi Kuyama (久山弘史)
Copy Writer: Andrew Miller (アンドリュー・ミラー)
Interactive Copy Writer: Takayuki Rokutan (六反孝幸)
Account Supervisor: Kohei Adachi (足立公平)
Designer: Marek Okon (マーク・オコン)
Music: toe
logotype/typeface: Masanori Sakamoto (坂本政則 / DELTRO INC.)

Root Communications
Technical Director: Toru Terashima (寺嶋徹)
Director: Hiromi Yoshikawa (吉川裕美)
Systems Engineer/Programmer: Tsuyoshi Tanaka (田中毅)、Masatoshi Fujiyama (藤山雅敏)
Markup Engineer: Takeshi Ninomiya (二之宮岳史)

Art Director/ Designer: Masanori Sakamoto (坂本政則)
Interactive Designer/Flash Develop: Ken Murayama (村山健)

Producer: Kenji Yamamoto (山本賢治)、Masahiko Abe (阿部雅彦)
Production Manager: Poco Saito (斉藤ポコ)

Director of Photography: Naoki Noda (野田直樹)

Photographer: Akihiro Ito (イトウアキヒロ)
Producer: Wataru Nakata(仲田渉)/Kenji Hashimoto (橋本健次)/Akihiro Oshima (大島彰紘)
Retoucher: Shinji Sato (佐藤真司)