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salyu x salyu = music vs game vs video vs art

A new album titled “s(o)un(d)beams” was recently released by Japanese singer Salyu’s new project, salyu x salyu. To support and celebrate the album’s track “muse’ic”, an interactive music video iPhone application was launched. Existing at the cross-over point of interactive art, music video and mobile game, the app was produced by Merce Death (W+K Tokyo)+ Genki Ito (W+K Tokyo) + Rhizomatiks + Qosmo along with legendary artist Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada). Download the app and take a tour around town. Your view through the camera will create unique music video based on your personal environment. Plug in your headphones to sink deeper into Salyu’s beautiful dreamy world. The “muse’ic visualiser” app is available today on iTunes (only available in japan, for now..). Check it out yo…

>>Download now from iTunes App Store here.

Salyuの新たなプロジェクト”salyu x salyu“の新作”s(o)un(d)beams”は、あのCornelius =小山田圭吾との共同プロデュース。アルバム内の一曲”muse’ic”のために制作されたのが、このインタラクティブなミュージックビデオiPhoneアプリです。こちらのアプリをダウンロードして街へ繰り出せば、カメラを通して見る風景が曲とシンクロしながら、あなただけのオリジナルミュージックビデオを映し出します。ヘッドフォンを繋げば、Salyuの独創的な夢の世界に、さらに深く入り込めるかも。こちらの”muse’ic visualiser” iPhoneは、Merce Death (W+K Tokyo)+ Genki Ito (W+K Tokyo) + Rhizomatiks + Qosmoが担当。>>iTunes App Storeからダウンロードするには、こちらから。

Lunch with…TEAMLAB


We invited Team Lab, the Ultra-Technologists to eat pizza and talk art-technology with us. The founder, Toshiyuki Inoko (photo:left) showed us some eye-opening art installations and interactive projects, and the philosophy behind the work. Inoko-san is a super-fun presenter, and you can see some of their work below.

ウルトラテクノロジー集団として知られるTeam Labが、W+K Tokyoのランチセッションに登場。創立者である猪子 寿之氏 (写真:左) が、インスタレーションアートや、インタラクティブなプロジェクトの数々を紹介、さらにその裏側にあるロジックや哲学などをプレゼンしてくださいました。猪子氏からの強烈なインスピレーションを受け、スタッフ一同、衝撃的なランチタイムを過ごしました。




 TEAMLAB “LIVE!” exhibition at Kaikai Kiki Gallery Taipei till Sunday, May 8th.


Thinking Forth about the North


W+K Tokyo’s Art Buyer/Producer, Akio came back from his supply/food delivery trip to Tohoku. We set up a lunch session to hear about what he saw, and listen to the stories that don’t get shown on TV. Akio was born and raised in Hachinohe city in Aomori prefecture in the north of Japan. He talked in his local dialect throughout the session, the language he was able to speak in with the people in the devastated area.

W+K Tokyoのアートバイヤー/プロデューサーのAkioが東北の被災地への物資配達の旅から戻って来たので、オフィスではランチセッションを開き、テレビでは絶対に見る事のできない被災地の状況をシェアしました。八戸出身の Akioは、この日東北の方言である南部弁でプレゼンテーションを行いました。


We also welcomed W+K copywriter Kentaro’s friend, Mr. Nishida from ON design and his team. Mr. Nishida is an architect who teaches at Tohoku University. He has also been volunteering in the North and is connected with the local rebuilding movement.

W+KのコピーライターであるKentaroの友人であるOn designの西田さんも参加。西田さんは、東北大学でも教鞭を執る建築家で、被災地でのボランティアを通し、地元の人々とも深いつながりを持っています。


Akio and W+K Tokyo producer Kenji visited several shelters in the north. Each shelter is home to people with greatly varying levels of need. Some have needs more fundamental like food and water, but in this particular shelter a small playroom was built for children that day. Akio and Kenji were able to donate music instruments, DVDs and other toys they brought from Tokyo.


Hinomaru Art

Hinomaru Art is a spontaneous gallery in the windows of our office and an open invitation for everybody to participate. It started with Naomi Kazama a.k.a. SOUTH’s art pieces and expanded to participants from all over the world. Please join and send your version and message to Japan and the world! Later in the year we want to auction the art work/posters and donate the money to a Japan relief initiative. If we get enough pieces we might produce a book. All names will be mentioned.

Hinomaru Artとは、私たちのオフィスのフロントに突如現れたアートギャラリースペースで、だれでも参加可能なオープンなプロジェクトです。Naomi Kazama a.k.a SOUTHの作品から始まり、今では世界中のアーティスト達が参加しています。あなたのオリジナルHinomaruに込めた日本へのメッセージを、世界中に広めませんか?今後は、このポスターのオークションによる、東北義援金への支援や、多くのアート作品が集まれば、一冊の本にまとめることも企画中です。作者の名前は必ずクレジットされます。


Jack, Paris


Super Zhang, Shanghai


Alvaro Sotomayor, Amsterdam


Marek Okon, Tokyo


Naomi Kazawa SOUTH, Tokyo

Want to submit your work to be part of this Hinomaru Art project? Send us your Hinomaru Art poster to our address, on paper or digital format 420mm x 590mm (300ppi.) And don’t forget to check out all the other posters displayed on our building. Walk by and enjoy!

Hinomaru Artプロジェクトにあなたの作品を投稿しませんか?W+K Tokyoの住所まで、現物もしくはデジタルフォーマットでお送りください。サイズの規定は420mm x 590mm (300ppi.) すべてのポスターは、私たちのオフィスのフロントに全て掲出中です。この機会に是非ご覧ください。

Meet “Chain Collective”


Chain Collective is a loose group of cyclists started by some W+K Tokyo members last year. From the shared starting point of commuting to W+K by bike, they naturally began riding together and developed their interest in single speed and fixed gear bikes. That evolved into a regular Tokyo ride happening on Sundays once a month. With the cherry-blossoms in full bloom, they went for a special hanami ride starting from Yoyogi Park.


W+K Tokyo’s Studio Manager Simone is a founding member of Chain Collective. It’s a casual group, always looking for new bike-lovers to join the ride. If you’re interested, simply join the Facebook group and keep up on the ride schedule.


W+K Art Director Shane typically picks each destination around Tokyo, always looking for new areas to discover through riding.


Holler if you spot them around Tokyo on a sunny weekend. They’re nice and casual people always looking for friends to roll with.