W+K Tokyo

Nikita Bitch Project

Nikita, who joined WK Tokyo as a digital producer last summer, had been keeping a secret to the entire agency.

On a sunny spring day in April, she swore by beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom to leak everything out that she’s nothing of a “digital producer” but a dancer… to be more precise, a bitchy burlesque dancer.


”Just wanted to let the world witness how Tokyo can FAIL HARDER under such harsh circumstances,” she said. But her hardest failure was not yet over.

She suddenly sent to the entire agency an invitation for a “Tip-raising Show at the WK Tokyo Hanami Party 2011” by saying “come to the venue with small change in your hand.”


Thanks to our party lovers in Tokyo, she succeeded to deprive the enthusiastic audience of “tips” which was 53,000 yen in total, then donated it all to WK relief fund as a token of her apology for every lie she had told to keep the secret the entire time.


FYI: Another legendary failure performed by Shinya + Kei.