W+K Tokyo

Nikita Bitch Project

Nikita, who joined WK Tokyo as a digital producer last summer, had been keeping a secret to the entire agency.

On a sunny spring day in April, she swore by beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom to leak everything out that she’s nothing of a “digital producer” but a dancer… to be more precise, a bitchy burlesque dancer.


”Just wanted to let the world witness how Tokyo can FAIL HARDER under such harsh circumstances,” she said. But her hardest failure was not yet over.

She suddenly sent to the entire agency an invitation for a “Tip-raising Show at the WK Tokyo Hanami Party 2011” by saying “come to the venue with small change in your hand.”


Thanks to our party lovers in Tokyo, she succeeded to deprive the enthusiastic audience of “tips” which was 53,000 yen in total, then donated it all to WK relief fund as a token of her apology for every lie she had told to keep the secret the entire time.


FYI: Another legendary failure performed by Shinya + Kei.

Prayers from Delhi

We received a package from W+K Delhi this week. The W+K Delhi office conducted a prayer ceremony for Japan following the earthquake in their courtyard. In the package they sent us these beautiful balls of red thread which were blessed by a priest during the ceremony. These traditional threads are meant to be worn on the wrists.



The letter from Sunil, the Executive Creative Director of W+K Delhi said, “The threads bring good luck. All of us wear one in good times and in bad. In good times, it is worn to ward off the evil eye and in bad, to reduce the damage.”  THANK YOU W+K DELHI!!!

Kentaro’s Story

W+K Tokyo copywriter Kentaro is from Sendai, and recently managed to visit his hometown and neighboring villages to help out.

Kentaro’s family and relatives are still living in Sendai, but as you can see from the photos, there is destruction all around.


“Hard to say anything…”


Nothing but debris under the blue sky.


Prayers on the hill


This image is from Kesennuma.


Kentaro and his friends delivered supplies, cooked food, and helped dragging out heavy debris stuck inside houses where people still live. No food, gas, or electricity, but using their hands they did what they could to support people there. Thank you Kentaro for sharing the stories with us.


The music video “ target=”_blank”>HANABEAM” by HIFANA and W+K Tokyo Lab has received Best Groove Video prize in the Music Video Awards by Space Shower TV, the biggest music channel in Japan. The video was included as the main video in Hifana’s last album “24H” released in July 2010. Another masterpiece was created based on an intensive collaboration between the directors, Fantasista Utamaro, Shane Lester, Hifana, W+K and Polygon Pictures. Big congratulations to the team and thanks to Space Shower!


HIFANAとW+K Tokyo Labによるミュージック・ビデオ「>HANABEAM」が、国内最大の音楽チャンネル「スペースシャワーTV」によるMVAMusic Video AwardsにてBest Groove Video 賞を受賞しました。このビデオは、昨年7月にリリースされたHIFANAの最新アルバム「24H」に収録。新たな傑作は、ディレクター、ファンタジスタ歌磨呂とシェーン・レスター、HIFANAチーム、W+K、そしてポリゴンピクチャーズの間の濃密なコラボレーションをもとに制作されました。チームのみなさま、おめでとうございます。ありがとうSpace Shower TV !!