W+K Tokyo

Thinking Forth about the North


W+K Tokyo’s Art Buyer/Producer, Akio came back from his supply/food delivery trip to Tohoku. We set up a lunch session to hear about what he saw, and listen to the stories that don’t get shown on TV. Akio was born and raised in Hachinohe city in Aomori prefecture in the north of Japan. He talked in his local dialect throughout the session, the language he was able to speak in with the people in the devastated area.

W+K Tokyoのアートバイヤー/プロデューサーのAkioが東北の被災地への物資配達の旅から戻って来たので、オフィスではランチセッションを開き、テレビでは絶対に見る事のできない被災地の状況をシェアしました。八戸出身の Akioは、この日東北の方言である南部弁でプレゼンテーションを行いました。


We also welcomed W+K copywriter Kentaro’s friend, Mr. Nishida from ON design and his team. Mr. Nishida is an architect who teaches at Tohoku University. He has also been volunteering in the North and is connected with the local rebuilding movement.

W+KのコピーライターであるKentaroの友人であるOn designの西田さんも参加。西田さんは、東北大学でも教鞭を執る建築家で、被災地でのボランティアを通し、地元の人々とも深いつながりを持っています。


Akio and W+K Tokyo producer Kenji visited several shelters in the north. Each shelter is home to people with greatly varying levels of need. Some have needs more fundamental like food and water, but in this particular shelter a small playroom was built for children that day. Akio and Kenji were able to donate music instruments, DVDs and other toys they brought from Tokyo.