W+K Tokyo

Miyashita Park Finally Opens


A couple of days ago we went to check out the newly opened Miyashita Park in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward.


The park, which used to be dark and gloomy is now completely refreshed, with historic Keyaki trees and garden life planted in the spacious area on the Harajuku side of the park.




On top of the newly built main stairs, there is a wide wooden deck that leads to a climbing area. According to the instructor, “after you get used to bouldering, anyone who takes the introductory lecture with us is free to try out the wall.” We’re looking forward to roping up and getting to the top of the 8m wall.



There are also two futsal courts with top quality playing surfaces that have our W+K Tokyo futsal team eager and ready to play.



Probably the main draw though is going to be the skating area on the Shibuya side of the park. The multiple ramps and details had already built a line of early visitors ready to get their skate on when we visited, even before the official opening. This part of the park has every sign of becoming a key destination for Tokyo’s skater community.



Shibuya ward who are responsible for the park have also made efforts to rebuild using existing materials. The concrete tables in the resting next to the train tracks, for example, are made out of the original park walls. We’ll be coming back.